Chancer Brownie is a Meanie not a Greenie
The budget announcement (March 2006) of higher car tax ostensibly aimed at 4x4 vehicles is unjustified, arbitrary and unnecessary. In claiming so-called green credentials, the revised car tax banding in the Chancellor's budget shows how badly informed Gordon Brown is on motoring matters. This is hardly surprising as he does not hold a driving licence and has no experience of the impact his extortionate taxes already have on Mondeo Man and Wolseley Woman. By pandering to the politics of envy shown by anti-4x4 groups in an act of blatant opportunism, ordinary motorists have been hit hard including drivers whose vehicles do not have four wheel drive or the appearance of a SUV. UK motorists already pay some of the highest prices for petrol anywhere in the developed world, due to the excessive proportion of the pump price that goes straight into the government's coffers.
Many motorists in rural areas need a 4x4 vehicle for their daily lives, and the lifestyle choice of urban 4x4 owners is often based on the fact that these vehicles offer superior visibility and have excellent safety credentials with good fuel economy and a footprint on the road no greater than an average family saloon. When driving conditions worsen, engaging four wheel drive can be a very useful aid to safety. In addition these types of vehicle perform the role of many others in combination.
The vehicles hit by Mr Brown's envy tax are not the vehicles owned by plutocrats but ordinary motorists. The following list gives details of average cars owned and run by average people that will now attract the highest rate of car tax: This move against ordinary drivers is cynical in the extreme. The Chancellor thinks he's pushing on an open door due to the antics of a tiny coterie of banshee anti-4x4 protesters. Yet cars that are hit in the latest carbon lie-oxide ramraid are not gross polluters. If Mr Brown is serious about carbon dioxide emission reductions he needs to explain why there is barely a car available in GB now that falls into the zero tax band, yet so many ordinary family cars are targeted. The politics of envy in the supposed 4x4 association is merely convenient greenwash. Brown could also explain why the tax on heating fuel is 5% but the overall tax on petrol is close to 300% when buildings emit nearly twice as much natural tree and crop food gas (carbon dioxide) as cars. Car manufacturers have already achieved a highly commendable reduction in new vehicle emissions of around 15 per cent in six years.
The Chancellor has failed badly once again and scores nought out of number ten on this latest wave of tax grabbing information pollution.

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