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Official listing from Cheshire Police

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A49   N A49 London Road Northbound between M56 J10 and Stockton Heath going into Warrington, just before Golf Club, 200 yards after mini-roundabout   40 619 1998-12-08
A49 Warrington R North of Warrington on A49 Winwick Rd just south of college. This is reversible being on centre reservation mostly facing south - 40mph   40 1519 1999-08-06
A51 Nantwich   On the A51 towards Nantwich there is a speed camera opposite the 'Power' petrol station ready to snap you on the way out.     1660 1999-10-18
A51 Chester W Chester: A51 westbound into town after ringroad and Vicars Cross traffic lights.     1726 1999-11-03
A51 Alpraham   A51 entering Alpraham from chester just before 40 mph limit     1848 1999-12-08
A51 Chester   A51 going into Chester. The camera is just after the 40 sign on the left   40 2318 2000-09-11
A527 Congleton S Congleton - camera on A527 S of town, just past station, facing southwards. 30 limit   30 1687 1999-10-18
A556     on the bridge of the A556 above the south bound carriageway of the M6     890 1999-05-04
A556 Hartford B School lane entering Hartford from A556. Patrol car / mbike in farm entrance just north of Hartford Hall hotel (but they have a clear view of you long before that.) Both directions.     1729 1999-11-03
A556 Northwich B A556 between Northwich and Junction 19 (M6) two cameras one east bound the other west bound limit 60   60 2233 2000-07-31
A556 Northwich Bypass B Cameras in both directions between Davenham roundabout and the Roberts bakery traffic lights on the Northwich by-pass A556. Dual carriageway.   70 2302 2000-09-11
A556 Sandiway, nr Northwich B Cameras in both directions opposite the Blue Cap pub in Sandiway on dual carriageway   40 2303 2000-09-11
A556 Northwich B Cameras in both directions on A556 between The Smoker pub and the Knutsford turn A5033 at Tabley   60 2304 2000-09-11
A557 Runcorn   Runcorn Expressway (dual carriageway) has recently been reduced from 70 to 60 with Police Campaign Area signs. Rumoroured that several new Gatsos are being installed behind bridges.   60 2331 2000-09-11
A6018     A6018 stalybridge cheshire near to stalybridge celtic ground from mottram to stalybridge traffic travels very slow     862 1999-04-30
M56 Altrincham E M56 EASTBOUND at Junction 6 just past the HALF MILE Route Sign but HIDDEN behind the adjacent bridge column.     2115 2000-04-26
M6   N M6 Two northbound between Junction 18 and 19 in the 70 limitbefore the new roadworks. Then another in the roadworks near Junction 19 in the 50 limit.   50 2230 2000-07-31
M6   S M6 one southbound 0.5 of a mile before junction 19 hidden behind a sign for Tatton Park 50 limit, then another 2 miles later after the roadworks 70 limits.   50 2231 2000-07-31
M6J19   S Just before M6J19 on the M6 South bound, hidden behind the sign for the junction at half a mile     2208 2000-06-26
  Chester R As you enter Chester Via Hoole Road. About 1/2 mile from the roundabout on the left, just after the set of traffic lights. Their's a Gatso "30mph zone" SJ422678 30 1406 1999-06-22
  Congleton   Congleton, near the Church House pub   40 1897 2000-01-28
  Congleton   Congleton, next to Heathfield School   30 1898 2000-01-28

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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