ABD - Speed Cameras - Cornwall
Important note about our speed camera database

This page is no longer updated, please see the website of the
Devon & Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership
which includes maps and photos of all cameras.
Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A30 Bodmin W On Goss Moor 400 metres west of the Newquay B3274 junction     1730 1999-11-03
A30 Polyphant E 1 camera located in a dip in the road at Polyphant, near Launceston     1731 1999-11-03
A3047     One on the A3047 Camborne outside Safeway Supermarket (reversible)     684 1999-03-25
A3058 Newquay W On Henver Rd, Newquay (A3058). Entering Newquay, by toilets at junction opposite indoor market.     2095 2000-04-14
A3058 Newquay E On Henver Rd, Newquay (A3058). Leaving Newquay, just before light controlled crossing 200m after double mini roundabout     2096 2000-04-14
A3058 St Austell   Cornwall, St. Austell Junction Truro Rd. and Edgcumbe Rd. (A3058) at Traffic Lights. Sited on Truro Rd.   30 2261 2000-07-31
A38     A38 to Plymouth In the vicinity of Castle Motors. situated on the central reservation. (was sawn of has been restored) Speed restriction 70MPH   70 2264 2000-07-31
A38 Landrake   A38 entrance to village of Landrake (near pedestrian Footbridge).   40 2265 2000-07-31
A38 Landrake   A38 entrance to village of Landrake ,on the Plymouth side of the Pedestrian Footbridge Checking vehicles entering from the Plymouth direction   40 2266 2000-07-31
A38 Tremanton   1 each way in a dip just before Landrake at a village called Tremanton.   50 2267 2000-07-31
A38 Plymouth   2 cameras located on the Tamar bridge (1 each way), both set at 41 MPH, and aways turned on!!     2268 2000-07-31
A38 Notter Bridge W A38 Westbound at Notter bridge, W of Saltash, 2 miles W of A38/A388 junction   50 2306 2000-09-11
A390 Truro   Cornwall, Truro, Tregolls Rd. Start of Dual carriageway. Sited on central reservation Covering traffic at traffic lights entering Truro A390.(A39)   40 2262 2000-07-31
A390 Dobwalls S A38 at Dobwalls junction with A390 covering Traffic lights at same Southerly facing. Speed restriction 40MPH.   40 2263 2000-07-31
A394   E One On The A394 Near Stonemasons Public House Longdowns West of Penryn     685 1999-03-25
A394 Manhay W A394 east of Manhay situated on left of road when travelling west towards Helston     1433 1999-07-05

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible