ABD - Speed Cameras - Cumbria
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A591 Kendal to Windermere N Mobile laser gun on A591 between Kendal and Windermere, in the layby (opposite Lakeland Outdoor) pointing south towards the northbound traffic at the bottom of a large (good overtaking) hill     2316 2000-09-11
A590 M6 to Barrow B Police cars and police motorcycles frequently lie in wait at various locations along this road to catch unwary tourists. Including one insanely dangerous parking spot on the central reservation of the dual carriageway.       2003
M6 Across county B Occasional unnecessary speed enforcement by Talivans.   70   2004

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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