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Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A303 Ilchester   A303, between Sparkford and Ilcester, facing towards Ilchester, 3/4 mile after Happy Eater on lefthand side and three lane uphill section after miles if dual carriageway, concealed behind distance information sign     1570 1999-09-13
A3040 Bournemouth   Turbary Park Avenue coming from Ensbury Park toward West Howe direction, immediately over brow of hill   30 1922 2000-02-02
A3060   E Dorset A3060 30 mph. Eastbound, just after turn off to Muscliff   30 477 1998-03-17
A3060 Bournemouth   Dorset Bournemouth A3060 Castle Lane West by traffic light junction. Gatso. 30mph   30 1798 1999-12-08
A31     A31 onto a B road towards Three Legged Cross there is a camera after approximately a mile after leaving the roundabout. 40 limit.   40 1385 1999-06-16
A338     Dorset/Hampshire A338 into Bournemouth approx 1.5 miles in from 50mph limit between Cooper Dean roundabout and next roundabout Two speed traps both reversible. Also more further along to the Frizzel roundabout   50 827 1999-04-29
A338 Bournemouth   One attached to the under side of a bridge on the A338 dual carriageway as you come into Bournemouth.     1428 1999-06-28
A338 Bournemouth   On the A338 Wessex Way in Bournemouth just after the Cooper Dean Flyover both directions (it is in the middle of the dual-carriageway). Speed limit is 50mph. Heavy breaking involved!   50 1564 1999-09-13
A338 Bournemouth   On the A338 Wessex Way in Bournemouth just after the St Paul's Roundabout going westbound...50mph. Most people tend to go about 55mph and it is after a roundabout so most people are only just starting to speed up.   50 1565 1999-09-13
A338 Bournemouth   On the A338 Wessex Way in Bournemouth just after the Bournemouth West Roundabout going eastbound. Same as the previous one.   50 1566 1999-09-13
A35     Chideock, A35. West Dorset between Bridport and Lyme Regis. Two cameras located each end of village, both facing east     602 1998-08-01
A35     Dorset >> A35 Chideock - speed cameras in each direction just inside the 30 limit on approach to this village.   30 942 1999-05-06
A35 Chideock   A35 at Chideock   30 1350 1999-06-16
A35 Winterbourne Abbas   A35 at Winterbourne Abbas     1351 1999-06-16
A350 Spetisbury N In the middle of Spetisbury village on the A350 is a camera hidden behind a bush. Speed limit is 30mph.   30 1827 1999-12-08
A350 Charlton Marshall N As you enter the villiage of Charlton Marshall is a camera hidden behind a tree. Speed limit is 30mph   30 1828 1999-12-08
A351 Sandford   One in the 30 mph zone on the A351 Poole to Wareham road   30 1427 1999-06-28
A352 Wool E Between Wool and Wareham, eastbound, on the long straight past Wool. Very obvious, road 40 mph   40 1705 1999-10-18
A354 Pimperne   A354 Salisury to Blandford Road at Pimperne in the 30mph zone.   30 1426 1999-06-28
A358 Taunton   A358 between M5 junction 5 andTaunton, reversible central reservation on Taunton side of crossroads with traffic lights, usually facing towards motorway     1567 1999-09-13
A358 Henlade   A358 at Henlade on entering village on Ilminster side immediately at end of dual carriageway,facing towards Taunton, well concealed behind directional information sign     1569 1999-09-13
A361 East Lyng   A361 at East Lyng, facing towards Glastonbury and sited Glastonbury side of village, concealed by being immediately around a sharp bend     1568 1999-09-13
B3068     Poole (B3068 Hamworthy/ Upton) heading outwards (NW/ Direction of Blandford) GR 982929 ST982929   726 1999-04-11
      Dorset Fixed Camera on the Horton/Ringwood rd St Ives nr Ashley Heath, westbound opposite the Struan pub on a down hill stretch 40 mph limit not always working   40 551 1998-04-24
      Dorset Fixed cameras on the ringwood rd,west bound before Verwood rd intersection dropping from 40 mph to 30mph hidden behind a tree, east bound just after West Moors rd and before Verwood rd dropping down from 60 mph limit to 30 mph   30 552 1998-04-24
      Fixed camera on West Moors rd heading towards Three Legged Cross just through main shopping area 30 mph limit again hidden behind a tree, the police often set a hand held laser trap about 1/2 a mile up from this on the same side of the road   30 553 1998-04-24
      Fixed camera on the Hurn rd, west bound towards A338 spur rd between the Grove & Catherine's way roundabout 30 mph limit not often working   30 554 1998-04-24
  Three Legged Cross   In Three Legged Cross there is another camera facing back towards you as you approach the junction with the B3072 (signposted for Verwood).     1386 1999-06-16
  Broadstone, Poole   Fixed traps are Broadstone, Poole in Dunyeates Rd either side of the middle school. 1 going east at the school and 1 going west down the hill after the school.     1585 1999-09-13
  Bournemouth   Spur Road out of Bournemouth (reversable) at least three between Asda and Cooper Dean roundabouth.     1587 1999-09-13
  Bournemouth   Glenferness Ave Bournemouth going towards central Bournemouth.     1588 1999-09-13
  Ferndown   Dorset Ferndown Ringwood Rd, facing Ferndown, in between The Angel Pub and the entrance to Glenmoor Rd. 40mph.     1788 1999-12-08
  Bournemouth   Dorset Bournemouth Leybourne Avenue     1789 1999-12-08
  Bournemouth   Dorset Bournemouth Herbert Avenue, 2 Gatsos   40 1790 1999-12-08
  Bournemouth   Dorset Bournemouth Redhill Avenue     1791 1999-12-08
  Ferndown   Dorset Ferndown Golf Links Road     1792 1999-12-08
  Bournemouth E Wentworth Avenue, near Southbourne Road, East Bound. Gatso. 30mph.   30 1799 1999-12-08
  Bournemouth   Dorset Bournemouth Holdenhurst Avenue, Infra-red. 30mph   30 1800 1999-12-08
  Corfe Mullen   2 cameras in Corfe Mullen Dorset, one at the West end of the village just after the 30mph sign the other at the East end near the CO-OP. Both 30mph     2010 2000-03-17

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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