ABD - Speed Cameras - Gloucestershire
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A38 Norton N Near kings head pub 859236 50 394  
A38   B multiple     395  
A38 Whitminster R Between Highfield Garden Centre & Attwools Camping Store SO769078 50 405  
A38 Cambridge N Next to pub SO750041 50 406  
A38   R A38 trunk road between Filton Airfield & M5 motorway junction 16 reversible GATSO.Nearer to airfield than to motorway junction. Easily visible. ST607817   699 1999-03-27
A40 Hazleton E Near end of sweeping left bend SP082166 60 231 1997-04-24
A40   W 0.5km from A429 rndabt SP110157 60 232  
A40 The Barringtons E Near the Barringtons turn off SP206121 60 233 1997-04-24
A40   B One each side of the Little Chef on the 'Traveller's Rest' stretch. SP074173 60 234 1997-04-24
A40   R A40, reversible, 1 mile east of Cheltenham near the Resevoir Inn   60 1371 1999-06-16
A40   R A40, 400 yds east of traffic lights at Andoversford. SP026194 60 1372 1999-06-16
A40 Northleach E Near Northleach turnoff SP132143 60 1770 1999-12-02
A4018 Bristol   A4018 Westbury Road Northbound. Between The Downs and the top of the hill at Falcondale Road. Hidden behind Behind panel roadsign     700 1999-03-27
A4019 Cheltenham B Urban dual carriageway between B&Q traffic lights and "Lex" roundabout.   40 1993 2000-03-17
A4019 Cheltenham   Urban dual carriageway between Wickes/Office World traffic lights and B&Q lights, outbound from town only   40 1994 2000-03-17
A417 Cirencester NW At crossroads SP024024 40 179 1996-08-17
A417   N A417 - south of Gloucester, new dual carriageway, regular laser rifle with pursuit motorcycle. SP995066   894 1999-05-04
A417   S A417 - south of Gloucester, new dual carriageway, regular laser rifle with pursuit motorcycle. SP988197   1769 1999-12-02
A417 Gloucester to Swindon   Police (usually Volvo T5) with laser - take care     1908 2000-01-28
A4174     A4174 (both directions) about 400yds east of A38 roundabout with A38. Camera on westbound section is hidden behind signpost/bushes GR 604790 ST604790   736 1999-04-11
A429 Fossecross   A429, Fosseway, at Fossecross, 5 miles North of Cirencester, near the Hare and Hounds public house.     1373 1999-06-16
A429 Stow on the Wold   A429 Gloucestershire, reversible, in 60mph zone. 2 or 3 miles south of Stow on the Wold   60 1534 1999-08-12
A433 Cirencester SW A433 approx 3 miles SW of Cirencester, facing SW prior to passing below railway line near Thames Head Inn     2158 2000-05-26
A433 Cirencester NE A433 approx 4 miles SW of Cirencester facing NE prior to passing below railway line near Thames Head Inn.     2159 2000-05-26
A46     Approaching A4 intersection at end of 'new' A46     550 1998-04-19
A46 Ashchurch   A46 Ashchurch go past Somerfields on the left over the railway bridge camera on the left hand side 30 mph. Camera has been hit & bent out of position traffic car some times in position in lay-by.   30 2219 2000-06-27
A48 Minsterworth S   SO782173 50 280 1997-09-16
A48 Chaxhill S   SO753153 40 281 1997-09-16
A48 Chaxhill N   SO745145 40 282 1997-09-16
A48 Newnham N   SO694123 50 283 1997-09-16
A48 Alvington S   SO605010 40 284 1997-09-16
B4215 Highnam E Near Rodway Hill golf club SO792194 30 207 1997-03-03
      E-bound (direction of M32) ST605791   737 1999-04-11
  Stroud B 2 cameras on the Cainscross Road Stroud Glos. They are on opposite sides of the road about 150 yards apart and on the frontage of Marling School and its playing fields.     1847 1999-12-08
  Gloucester   Eastern Ave. in Gloucester heading toward town centre. Gatso on left outside ambulance station, 40 mph limit.   40 1874 2000-01-10
  Gloucester R Leaving Walls roundabout going towards town, on RHS in 40 mph limit, this camera is able to swing 180 degrees.   40 1875 2000-01-10

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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