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Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A34 Didsbury N After M63 (Stockport) t/o c.0.5miles N. of A34 Gatley Rd. Gatso SJ852898 30 311  
A34 Cheadle/Gatley   A34 heading towards Cheadle/Gatley, mobile on the central reservation just before (0.5 mile) the John Lewis/Sainsburys turn off, in the 50mph. Very hard to spot due to dip and curve of road   50 1672 1999-10-18
A34 Shirley to Solihull   Speed cameras on A34 heading towards Monkspath and Solihull, on both sides of road at 800 metre intervals. It's the road off the first island as you come from Shirley heading towards the J4 M42, towards Dave and Busters.     2313 2000-09-11
A34 Shirley   A34, cameras on both sides of road on the approach to the J4 of M42.   40 2314 2000-09-11
A538 Altrincham W A538 Hale Road about 1/4 mile W of M56 junction 6, in westbound direction towards Halebarns. Limit has been reduced from 40 to 30.   30 1683 1999-10-18
A56 Altrincham S A56 Washway Road opp.Selsey Ave., just S of Brooklands Peugeot garage SJ780920 30 310  
A56     Located on A56 between Talbot Rd junction and Great Stone Rd. Cameras for both directions     907 1999-05-04
A56 Altrincham   A56 towards Altrincham, speed camera on the way into the town centre, shortly after getting into the 30 limit.     1661 1999-10-18
A58 Rochdale E Between Heywood and Rochdale SD871114 30 404 1998-04-12
A580     A580 - East Lancs Road , Swinton , Manchester, both sides of dual carriageway Between Worsley Road and Moorside Road. 50 mph.   50 774 1999-04-26
A6 High Lane N 250yds S. of "Dog & Partridge" pub, on a downhill stretch, concealed by trees SJ950860 30 313  
A6     East Lancs. Rd. Greater Manchester. On the way in to Manchester past Pendlebury but before the Salford Crescent, shortly before the A6 dips under the roundabout - take care!   50 480 1998-03-16
A6     A6 out of Manchester towards Liverpool, just past the Drive-in McDonalds next to the Salford high-rise towers, on the approach to the traffic lights (signpost Salford Precinct & Pendleton)     802 1999-04-29
A6 Stockport R 1 Speed camera about 1 mile outside Stockport Town Centre going towards Manchester on the A6. Can be turned to face either way.   30 1576 1999-09-13
A6 Salford W A6 Liverpool bound (west) between Albion Way and Frederick Rd, opposite the former Salford Tech (now the University of Salford), just after Macdonalds, Salford     2104 2000-04-20
A6104 Blackley W A6104 Victoria Avenue East, Blackley, Manchester, travelling west, close to junction with Colmore Drive.   30 2260 2000-07-31
A6144     The fourth camera in this area, is on Marsland Road (A6144) in-between Sale Grammar School and the Sale Hotel, on a newly constructed island in the middle of the road, which narrows the road significantly     474 1998-03-16
A62 Platting N A62 Oldham Road in Miles Platting, Manchester,travelling north, 200 yds north of junction with A6010 Queens Road, speed limit 30 mph.   30 2259 2000-07-31
A627 Dukinfield S Gatso on King Street (A627) travelling towards Hyde, just past Town Hall.     2089 2000-04-11
A627 Oldham   Speed camera on the A627 Oldham Road just past the border of Oldham and Ashton u Lyne heading towards Ashton, just after the dip near Medival Pharmaceuticals     2250 2000-07-31
A627 Bardsley   A627 Oldham road at Bardsley heading from Oldham towards Ashton under Lyne just as you come past Smokies Hotel up the brew..   30 2271 2000-07-31
A663     A663 Broadway Chadderton west bound about 1/4 mile past Sportsman Pub traffic lights 40mph with road markings   40 811 1999-04-29
A663     A663 Broadway Chadderton west bound just before broadway becomes A627M 40mph with road markings Camera in a lay by usually lorry blocking camera's view out of hour   40 812 1999-04-29
A663 Oldham   Oldham, A663 Broadway. Heading towards the A627M opposite the fire station, just after Middleton Road.     2183 2000-06-26
A666 Unity Brook   On the A666 going towards Kearsley heading out of manchester towards Bolton at Unity brook before Kearsley behind a sighn next to the Shell Garage     483 1998-03-16
A672 Oldham   Oldham, A672 Ripponden Road. Downhill, one just after the Bull's Head pub, at the bottom of Turf Pit Lane/Northgate Lane.     2181 2000-06-26
A672 Oldham   Oldham, A672 Ripponden Road. Heading towards Oldham, one on bend downhill after Count Hill School, just before Radcliffe Road.     2182 2000-06-26
B6458 Hyde N Hyde - camera on northbound B6458 Stockport Road in Gee Cross, descending a hill. 30 limit   30 1686 1999-10-18
M56     Travelling West upon the M56 between Junction 8 and 9 the police sit on a bridge above the road with speed camera.     1662 1999-10-18
M56 Manchester Airport   M56 from Manchester Airport to the A556, one camera each way on the motorway. They are approx mid way between the Manchester Airport turn on and the A556, and both near bridges.     2169 2000-06-26
M6   B Two closely-spaced Gatsos in each N and S direction just South of Junction 19 (Knutsford).     2258 2000-07-31
M60     Many closely-spaced Gatsos in 50 MPH road-widening works stretch between M56 slips and the Denton roundabout exit.   50 2257 2000-07-31
  Altrincham N Travelling Northbound towards Manchester, the first one is shortly after entering 30mph on the way into Altrincham, just after the left-hand bend, on which St. Margaret's church is situated on the inside   30 471 1998-03-16
    N The second, heading Northbound on the A56, is immediately before the A56/M63 junction, where the road widens from 2 to 3 lanes and the speed limit changes from 30 to 40 mph, just after TGI Fridays   40 472 1998-03-16
  Manchester   on princess parkway both directions going towards mcr airport (just after the BP petrol stn)   40 1562 1999-09-13
  Manchester   mcr (just before Barlow moor road... both are concealed by signposts   40 1563 1999-09-13
  Sale S Sale - Manor Avenue (unclass back road from M60 to Altrincham) - camera (painted black) on southbound side about 200 yds S of junction with A6144 Carrington Lane. 30 limit.   30 1684 1999-10-18
  Stretford W Stretford - camera on westbound unclass Barton Lane just W of railway bridge.   30 1685 1999-10-18
  Denton, Tameside   Gatso outside Fletchers Arms on main road towards Stockport   40 2003 2000-03-17
  Denton, Tameside   Gatso opposite Wakeling Road travelling towards Denton   40 2004 2000-03-17
  Audenshaw N Gatso on Corporation Road travelling North towards mini roundabout.     2090 2000-04-11
  Crumpsall   Speed camera on Middleton Road facing towards Heaton Park, just after junction with Brooklands Rd     2160 2000-06-26
  Denton B There are 2 either side of the road on Stockport Rd, Denton near the Fletchers pub     2249 2000-07-31
  Leigh   St Helens Road Leigh, outside Pennigton Park 30mph   30 2254 2000-07-31
  Hindley Green   Atherton Rd Hindley Green 30mph   30 2255 2000-07-31

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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