ABD - Speed Cameras - Gwent
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A449     Gwent. A449 Raglan/Usk - laser rifle used. They park in a layby out of site to traffic on straight after gritting depot (heading towards Usk)     891 1999-05-04
A466 Tintern   Tintern on the A466. Entering and leaving the village. Mobile hides in the entrance to a farm near the Abbey     2198 2000-06-26
A468 Nantgarw R Reversible GATSO opposite GEAES factory on Caerphilly road   40 2093 2000-04-14
A472 Usk W   SO384012 30 167 1996-08-17
A472     Usk, Gwent - A472, traffic entering town from A449, camera just after 30 mph limit starts, near fire station   30 892 1999-05-04
A472     coming into Usk in the county of Gwent, Wales along the A472 from the East side. Its a fast, wide open road just before the sign posts.     960 1999-05-08
A48 Castleton B A48 through Castleton (between Newport & Cardiff) 50mph dual carriageway, police use laser rifles outside the Beafeater, the Wyvale garden centre, or in any of the lay-bys between Castleton and the LG factory.   50 2107 2000-04-20
M4   E M4: immediately prior to start of Second Severn Crossing. Raised police hard-standing on east-bound carriageway frequently has motorway patrol cars with door-mounted laser cameras.     1990 2000-03-17
M4   E M4: raised police hard standing on east-bound carriageway immediately prior to M4/M48 junction (just in front of small service building) frequently has motorway patrol cars with door-mounted laser cameras.     1991 2000-03-17
  Pontllanfraith   Mobile - police using F reg maroon long-wheelbase Transit on Newbridge Road, Pontllanfraith, near Loes entrance, Caerphilly borough     2013 2000-03-28
  Caerphilly   Mobile - police using Twingo-type van on Nantgarw Hill, near Caerphilly     2014 2000-03-28
  Cwmbran   Approaching Fairwater School, even at weekends   30 2142 2000-05-22
  Hafodyrynys   The same maroon van used by the police in Pontllanfraith, Gwent, is also used in Hafodyrynys, Gwent. It is parked in the layby just after the pedestrian crossing on the right hand side just before you drop downwards towards Crumlin     2296 2000-09-11

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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