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Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A102M Blackheath N As above, but going the other way   50 1761 1999-12-02
A2     A2 Entering Faversham from the M2 there is one by the school. This is one way. 30mph. Visible.   30 899 1999-05-04
A2     A2 Half mile on, on the opposite side (heading for M2) is one that can trap in both directions at the same time. 30mph, partially hidden   30 900 1999-05-04
A2     A2 Entering 30mph at Snips Hill, Sittingbourne from Faversham. One way. Visible.   30 901 1999-05-04
A2     A2 Soon after The Billet heading into Sittingbourne is one just as the road dips & is partially hidden. 30mph. One way.   30 902 1999-05-04
A2 Faversham W outside the Abbey Secondary School     1018 1999-05-20
A2     On left side of dual carriageway pointing London bound, behind turn-off sign less than 200 yards before the 'Black Prince' turn-off (A223 for Bexleyheath, Crayford and Old Bexley). This is a 70 mph zone.   70 1396 1999-06-18
A2 Bexley S Before Black Prince interchange heading out of London, by footbridge   70 1754 1999-12-02
A2 Bexleyheath N In the dip between Bexley and Bexleyheath junctions, by emergency phone   70 1755 1999-12-02
A2 Welling N behind a large roadsign, 1/2 mile before road goes to 2 lanes   70 1756 1999-12-02
A2 Welling S as above, but on other side of the road   70 1757 1999-12-02
A2 Welling N Just after road narrows to 2 lanes, in 1st small layby on left. 50 limit!   50 1758 1999-12-02
A2 Kidbrooke B Between S/Circular junction and Kidbrook lights, always seems to face to London   50 1759 1999-12-02
A2 Blackheath S At end of slip road joining A2 from Sun in the Sands roundabout   50 1760 1999-12-02
A2 Blackheath   Otherside of Blackheath, heading for Deptford   30 1762 1999-12-02
A2 Bexleyheath S Between exit and entrance Bexleyheath turnoff, again behind large roadsign   70 1763 1999-12-02
A20     A20 between M25 and Brands Hatch. Favourite site for bored, sad old Bill to sit with mobile Gatso. Mainly on race days.     965 1999-05-10
A20     On central reservation just before the A222 turn-off (for Bromley, Sidcup and Queen Mary's Hospital), London-bound, at Frognal Corner. This camera is reversible. This is a 50 mph zone.   50 1394 1999-06-18
A20     On left side of road, pointing London-bound, a few hundred yards before the bend and the Dutch House pub.   40 1395 1999-06-18
A20     Heading away from London, 1/2 mile after the Dutch House pub.   40 1673 1999-10-18
A20 Maidstone   A20, London Road, Maidstone. Heading towards town centre from West Malling, about mile after entering 30mph zone, almost opposite Thresher's Off License.   30 1819 1999-12-08
A206 Dartford   Approx halfway between Total garage and Unwins Warehouse   30 1768 1999-12-02
A223 Sidcup B By houses on the left (if heading towards Bexley)   40 1766 1999-12-02
A223 Bexley B Outside White Oak Pub   40 1767 1999-12-02
A225 Dartford   Halfway between BP garage and Beadles Rover Garage, seems to be inductive loop   40 1765 1999-12-02
A226 Dartford   Dartford Road, between Princes Drive and West Hill     2133 2000-05-22
A229 Maidstone   A229, Loose Road, Maidstone. Heading towards Hastings and Headcorn. About 150 metres from Armstrong Road traffic lights. 30 mph zone.   30 1821 1999-12-08
A229 Maidstone   A229, Loose Road, Maidstone. Heading towards the town centre from Hastings. About 200 yards after Loose telephone exchange, around left hand bend. 30mph zone. Slightly hidden by trees.   30 1822 1999-12-08
A258     Dover - Deal road, A258, in Kent. 1 mile from the Duke of York roundabout at the St Margarets turning and facing the Deal direction. 50MPH   50 1503 1999-07-29
A26 Maidstone   A26, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone. Heading towards town centre from Tonbridge, about 250 metres after Mid Kent College. 30 mph zone. Slightly hidden by trees.   30 1820 1999-12-08
A26 Southborough S On the approach to Southborough going south, camera just after the Sceptre hotel.     2032 2000-03-28
A261 Hythe E approximately 400 yds inside the 30mph limit area on the left coming into Hythe from Pedlinge and is hidden by large trees   30 2167 2000-06-26
A264 Langton Green   In village     2033 2000-03-28
A27 Shoreham Bypass W MOBILE in Lay-by after tunnel (back of retail park)     2151 2000-05-22
A28 Canterbury   Canterbury Ringroad (A28) just before the Wincheap Roundabout   30 2323 2000-09-11
A290 Hawkinge   A290 as you leave Hawkinge village near Folkestone, 30MPH   30 1505 1999-07-29
B2174 Dartford   200M beyond Halford superstore, heading towards M25 Junction 1b   40 1764 1999-12-02
B245 Hildenborough/Tilbridge S In Hildenborough/Tonbridge border on the B245, going South, just after the Hilden Manor pub     2110 2000-04-26
M2 Bredgar E In roadworks just after A249 (Junction 5) TQ875623 50 290 1998-02-03
M2     M2 Westbound at junction 4 in long term road works, 50 mph. Camera slightly hidden behind concrete support pillar.   50 2235 2000-07-31
M2     M2 Eastbound at junction 4 in long term road works, 50 mph   50 2236 2000-07-31
M2/A2   W M2/A2 Interchange Westbound, in long term road works, 50 mph   50 2237 2000-07-31
M2/A2   E M2/A2 Interchange Eastbound, in long term road works, 50 mph   50 2238 2000-07-31
  Ringwould   The second is facing the Dover direction 1 mile before Ringwould. 50MPH   50 1504 1999-07-29
  Petts Wood   Right outside Southborough School, facing towards Bromley, mounted on the central island. Coming from Bromley, it is soon after the mini roundabout by the Harvester restaurant.     1823 1999-12-08
  Strood   Frindsbury hill, Strood, Kent (towards Wainscottt) 40 yds before Sans Pareill Pub, 30mph limit   30 1856 1999-12-16
  Tunbridge Wells N Eridge Road, northbound, before the railway bridge and entrance to the garden centre     2030 2000-03-28
  Tunbridge Wells   St John's Road just beyond the Freight Transport association building.     2031 2000-03-28
  Canterbury   St Martin's Hill - downhill, a few yards before the turning on the left before Spring Lane   30 2322 2000-09-11
  Canterbury   Sturry Road - inbound Canterbury, at the zebra crossing between the roundabout at the park-and-ride and the Esso Garage   30 2324 2000-09-11

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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