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Official listing from the "Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety"
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Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A383 Peel   A 583 Peel Nr. Blackpool Gatso     1835 1999-12-08
A49     A49 west bound Wigan just past M6 Junction 25 roundabout on left after car sales pitch on the left towards Bryn.     773 1999-04-26
A49 Euxton Chorley   Camera Northbound on A49 in Euxton Chorley between the Euxton Hall roundabout and the Runshaw Lane traffic lights, cunningly concealed!     1746 1999-11-12
A5209 Parbold/Newburgh   A5209 West bound, descending Parbold Hill towards Parbold/Newburgh. Camera located just round LH bend at end of fast downhill - no chance of observation saving you! Not an accident blackspot but a great revenue earner. ;-(     1720 1999-10-26
A56 Manchester N Junction A56/ A5145 (Stretford -> Didsbury) SJ790950 40 329  
A577 Wigan   In Wigan Lancashire A 577 Atherton Road between Hindley & Hindley Green on the west - bound carriageway (that's going from Hindley Green towards Hindley) Just after the Kwik Save, the camera is on the left. Currently armed     503 1998-03-18
A579 Atherton to Bolton   Two cameras on the A579 between Atherton and Bolton - one in each direction. They are situated at either side of Hulton Park Gates.     1864 1999-12-20
A58     Location - A58 Bury - Bolton road, just into Breightmet, approx 500 mtrs into 30 zone, aiming to catch people going Bury -> Bolton   30 819 1999-04-29
A58     Speed trap on A58, Bolton, Lancs. Westbound direction on short dual carriageway stretch at Breightmet, near Safeway supermarket. 30pmh limit.   30 980 1999-05-10
A58 Littleborough   Lancashire , Littleborough-Ripponden A58 Blackstone Edge road eastbound almost in open country former higher limit , uphill .     1556 1999-09-13
A580 Manchester E various     215 1997-03-24
A580     A580 becomes A6 at Pendleton and next speed camera just after next off slip (50mph).   50 800 1999-04-29
A580     Atherleigh way, Leigh Lancs. Signal camera on lights from, A580 - Leigh at first lights set, outside Fire station.     808 1999-04-29
A583 Blackpool   Gatso on A583 Preston New Road out of Blackpool approaching M55 roundabout. Approx 200 yards after traffic lights at Clifton Arms Public House just after 40mph sign.   40 1824 1999-12-08
A583 Newton-with-Scale   A 583 Newton-with-Scale Nr. Preston Gatso     1834 1999-12-08
A583 Blackpool to Lytham B Also the A583 to Blackpool and Lytham passing Preston Docks 150yds west of traffic lights (last docks entrance W, first E) Gatso BOTH ways. Dual-carriageway but 50 limit   50 1984 2000-03-17
A583 Preston   A583 Blackpool Road. By Riversway Motor Park (Preston). Central reservation mounted, dual cameras covering both carriageways. 50mph.   50 1997 2000-03-17
A583 Newton-with-Scales W A583 towards Blackpool. Newton-with-Scales. about half a mile after Wyevale Garden Centre.     1998 2000-03-17
A583 Blackpool W A583 on reaching outer Blackpool limits. Wyevale garden centre 400yds further on, on RHS. Sharp left hand bend prior to camera, downslope.   50 1999 2000-03-17
A586 Poulton-le-Fylde E Approx. 1/4 of a mile inside the 30mph speed limit after a 50 mph speed limit.   30 1780 1999-12-02
A586 St Michaels-on-Wyre   Mobile on A586 at St.Michaels-on-Wyre (Garstang/Blackpool Road)     2292 2000-09-11
A59 Preston   A59 westbound towards Preston between The Tickled Trout (M6 J30/31) and New Hall Lane roundabout. About 100yds after 30 sign, just after the petrol station.   30 2026 2000-03-28
A59 Penwortham   2 new cameras on the A59 in Penwortham - 1 heading into Preston and one heading out, both by Ryland petrol station     2253 2000-07-31
A59 Preston N Just after the garage on the left at the end of the dual carriageway - this is a short dual carriageway after passing the Lancashire Police Headquarters at Hutton.     2328 2000-09-11
A59 Preston S Just before the garage after a blue traffic flow camera     2329 2000-09-11
A6     A6, Walton-Le-Dale, Preston, quarter mile South of the River Ribble. Two main roads merge just before the camera at traffic lights.     792 1999-04-28
A6     Two cameras on both sides of the road near the Georgian House Hotel A6, on the boundary of Blackrod and Westhoughton. 40MPH.   40 949 1999-05-06
A6     A6 Preston Heading North about 600yd's into 40 limit hidden behind tree     1010 1999-05-20
A6 Preston E A6 exiting Preston on the downhill dual carriageway travelling east, immediately before the bridge over the Ribble. Accident black spot due to cars breaking for this camera and turning right.     1605 1999-09-23
A6 Preston W A6 Preston. Almost at the same spot but in the other direction. Just after the traffic lights at the Capital Centre, travelling into Preston.     1606 1999-09-23
A6 Garstang   Gatso on the A6 at Garstang outside the Crofters Hotel     1854 1999-12-15
A6 Preston N A6 Preston (Garstang Rd) North is now a 30 zone. Gatso between Withy Trees lights and Black Bull Lane going north, the camera is situated just after a bus stop, opposite Little Sisters of the Poor   30 1983 2000-03-17
A6 Whittle-le-Woods   Just at the top of Shaw Hill, After the Golf Course and Shaw Brow (road leading to Chorley Old Road)   40 2274 2000-07-31
A6 Whittle-le-Woods   Near New Roundabout to housing estate before Texaco Filling Station (opposite "Doorway to Value")   40 2275 2000-07-31
A6 Chorley   On road into Chorley from Preston (A6) Opposite Chorley Hospital. Camera is slightly obscured by road sign/bus stop   30 2276 2000-07-31
A6 Chorley   On dual carriageway, by Gas Towers opposite National Tyres before Stump Lane / SGL Rover Garage roundabout   30 2277 2000-07-31
A6068     On the A6068, between Clayton le Moors and Barrowford, near the village of Higham. 50mph limit.2 cameras covering both directions.   50 1380 1999-06-16
A6119 Blackburn   A6119 Ring Road round Blackburn 3 cameras covering various 50mph zones   50 1925 2000-02-02
A6119 Blackburn   A6119 Ring Road round Blackburn laser camera set up and HIDDEN behind row of houses near Brownhill roundabout catching people in a 40mph zone, yards before a 50.   40 1926 2000-02-02
A62 Manchester N Manchester on A62 (Oldham Road) just north of the junction with A6010 (Queens Road)   30 1916 2000-01-28
A627     A627 oldham lancashire new installation on road from oldham to ashton-under-lyne at bardsley on border     863 1999-04-30
A627(M) Oldham   Broadway end of A627(M). Manchester direction.     1872 1999-12-22
A663 Oldham E 600yd from exit roundabout of A627(M) SD911067 40 192 1997-01-08
A664 Manchester SW Junction with Stanycliffe Lane SD880070 40 327  
A666 Bolton   Three cameras on each side of the dual carriageway between the A666 junction for Kearsley/Farnworth (just after the M61/M60 joins it) and Bolton town centre turn off. Limit recently reduced from 70 to 50.   50 1839 1999-12-08
A666 Walton-le-Dale W A666 Walton-le-Dale - Near to Birch House Hotel.   40 1995 2000-03-17
A669 Oldham   A669. Between Mills Mill and Broadway A663.     1870 1999-12-22
A671 Shawforth N Shawforth on the A671 road between Rochdale and Bacup   30 1915 2000-01-28
A673 Bolton   Chorley new road in Bolton (A673) 200 yds past Beehive roundabout (heading towards horwich) - 30 mph   30 1374 1999-06-16
A677 Blackburn   On the A677 near Blackburn laser camera often set up on the stretch leading towards Preston from the County Hotel     1923 2000-02-02
A679 Accrington   Church in Accrington on the A679 towards Blackburn. Laser set up just past the railway bridge after Blythe's chemical works, usually set up about 10 o'clock on sunday nights.   30 2298 2000-09-11
A680 Baxenden   A680 in Baxenden facing towards Haslingdon laser set up just below Holland's Pies, either in Alliance St or Edward St. Usually early morning from 6.30am but also weekends in the afternoon. Police bikes chase.     2272 2000-07-31
A680 Baxenden   A680, laser set up facing towards Accrington opposite Newton Drive. Usually early morning from 6.30am but also weekends in the afternoon. Police bikes chase.     2273 2000-07-31
A680 Great Harwood S Between Mill Lane & Hyndburn Road   30 2336 2003-01-06
A681 Stacksteads   On the A681, between Rawtenstall and Bacup, in Stacksteads. 30mph limit. 1 camera facing Bacup.   30 1381 1999-06-16
A682 Dunnockshaw   Novaks car park, Dunnockshaw (afternoons/evenings)     1716 1999-10-26
A682 Crawshawbooth   Various turn offs about Crawshawbooth , usually just before Reeds Holme estate when your heading to Rawtenstall.     1717 1999-10-26
A682 Crawshawbooth   Crawshawbooth School, when ever they feel nasty.     1718 1999-10-26
A683 Caton   A683 east bound at Caton village, between J34 M6 and Kikby Lonsdale.     2037 2000-03-28
A683 Caton   Speed trap often set A683 west bound approaching Caton.     2038 2000-03-28
B6167 Manchester N B6167 Reddish Rd.; junction with Coniston Road SJ890930 30 328  
B6194 Oldham   B6194 Oldham to Shaw. Camera both sides at Higgingshaw.     1868 1999-12-22
B6195 Oldham   B6195. Where A627(M) motorway crosses over. Camera various times.     1869 1999-12-22
M6     M6 Lancashire, between junction 25 and 29 both north bound and south bound at various locations.     772 1999-04-26
M65     Laser camera often set up on the bridge between junctions 7 and 8 on the M65 (just before junction 8)     1924 2000-02-02
M65 Huncoat   Roadworks on M65 at Huncoat, Burnley (around J8)     2043 2000-03-28
  Withnell   Gatso camera on main Chorley to Blackburn road at Withnell in a 30 mph zone, covers both sides of road can be difficult to see as it is near a bend   30 501 1998-03-17
      St.Helens Rd Leigh Lancashire. 30 mph. Camera heading towards Leigh town centre outside Pennington park.   30 807 1999-04-29
      Manchester Rd Leigh. 30 mph. Camera on M/cr Rd from Astley towards Leigh, situated outside the golf driving range , opposite the Manchester Rd Inn pub.   30 809 1999-04-29
      Atherleigh way Leigh. Signal camera at lights from Atherton to Leigh at the Asda / B&Q lights.     810 1999-04-29
      Camera outside of Bolton School, Chorley New Rd, Bolton just past traffic lights heading into Bolton. NOTE children crossing.     950 1999-05-06
      Preston - Longridge Road in Grimsargh Village on long straight near Mitsubishi dealer one facing each way.     1011 1999-05-20
      Speedtrap on Manchester Road, Burnley just as you enter Dunockshaw, policeman with lazer hiding!     1014 1999-05-20
      Speedtraps on Padiham road, Burnley, policeman again with lazer on side streets!     1015 1999-05-20
  Reedsholme   Mobile near Reedsholme. The road is as wide as a two lane motorway and long strait with very little houses and no hazards.     1719 1999-10-26
  Shaw   Rochdale Rd Shaw and Broadway. Camera various times.     1871 1999-12-22
  Burnley   Cliviger/Bacup junction, coming into Burnley on Todmorden Road prior to Towneley Hall. Camera always working. 30mph. BEWARE!   30 1982 2000-03-17
  Blackburn   Preston Old Road, Witton Park, Blackburn. Heading towards Blackburn on steep downhill slope (natural tendency to exceed 35mph) prior to entry to Witton Park astroturf pitches.   30 1996 2000-03-17

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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