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Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A41 Eastham B A41 Eastham. 1/4 mile northbound of A41/M53 junction, just after the Little Chef. Reversible, but usually pointing Northbound. Not the "traditional" Gatso design, matches the redlight cameras further up the road! 40 mph limit   40 2039 2000-03-28
A41 Bromborough N A41 Bromborough N/bound just under the pedestrian bridge at the junction with Mill Lane (just before Lever Brothers' factory. The camera is fairly well hidden by the bridge structure! 40 mph limit   40 2040 2000-03-28
A41   N A41 N/bound. Camera at the second set of lights by Lever Brothers and Village Hotel. Half hidden by the hedge. 40 mph limit   40 2041 2000-03-28
A41 Birkenhead S A41, S/bound Birkenhead, at Cammel Lairds turning. Not a speed camera, but a common speed trap site (coppers with laser guns), just round the corner before the garages. Dual carriageway, but 30 mph limit.   30 2042 2000-03-28
A5036 Bootle B Between Bootle golf club and the Park Hotel, they are on both sides of dual carriageway.   40 1558 1999-09-13
A5038 Netherton   On Dunnings Bridge Road, Netherton - multiple speed cams along this route in both directions.     1880 2000-01-10
A550 Merseyside/Cheshire border N North bound on the A550 Merseyside and Cheshire boundary near the M53 opposite the Quality Friendly hotel near the end of a long fast straight. It has being placed just behind a tree which in a year or two will completely cover it     2220 2000-06-27
A565     A565 Liverpool Road, heading away from Southport Both ways by the Cemetary     921 1999-05-04
A565     A565 Heathfield Road which runs adjacent to Liverpool Road Both ways     922 1999-05-04
A59 Maghull   A59 in maghull, outside the Town Hall, traffic signal camera (i.e jumping the lights)     1557 1999-09-13
A59 Liverpool   Liverpool - Rice Lane outside Walton Hospital - facing out of Liverpool     1877 2000-01-10
A59 Liverpool   300yds further out of Liverpool, facing towards Liverpool     1878 2000-01-10
B5151 Higher Bebington   Higher Bebington, Wirral - B5151 Southbound speed camera shortly after VW garage on the left in 30 limit   30 1989 2000-03-17
  Liverpool   Along Scotland road in Liverpool, the main road thru, there are 2 cameras just before The tunel entrance going to liverpool and just after coming from Liverpool.     1559 1999-09-13
  Aigburth   On Park Lane Aigburth, a speed camera facing downhill     1879 2000-01-10
  Liverpool   Cameras on Aigburth Road between Lark Lane and Dingle both sides of the road.     1971 2000-03-13
  Liverpool   One on the Garston by-pass at the Dock entrance at the lights.     1972 2000-03-13
  Liverpool   One pointing downhill is on Park Road opp Kwik Save     1973 2000-03-13
  Liverpool B 2 cameras on Smithdown Road just after Tunnel Road outbound, 1 on each side of the road     1992 2000-03-17
  Liverpool   Kensington Road, heading towards town/Royal Hospital, behind bus stop outside off licence     2098 2000-04-14
  Liverpool   Mount Pleasant, heading towards town centre, opposite Feathers Hotel, hidden behind bus stop     2099 2000-04-14
  Liverpool   Corner of Edge Lane, Botanic Road, Liverpool. Police often set up speed cameras here, then hide around the corner so nothing at all is visible.     2100 2000-04-14
  Bootle   Bootle, Merseyside, on Balliol Road just outside the new Hugh Baird college. Faces towards Stanley Road just past the brow of Millers Bridge     2147 2000-05-22
  Bootle   Camera situated on Balliol Road East, just past the lights at the junction of Southport Road and Breeze Hill as you are heading for the docks     2185 2000-06-26
  Birkenhead   On Woodchurch Road heading towards M53J4, speed camera before the bridge and motorway junction etc.     2206 2000-06-26
  Birkenhead   One almost hidden in the middle of the road after Moreton Cross heading towards Meols before the change from 30 to 40mph limits.   30 2207 2000-06-26

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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