ABD - Speed Cameras - Northumberland
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A1     Purdy Lodge Services. Hidden behind Bamburgh Juction sign. Attacks southbound traffic     486 1998-03-17
A1 Berwick   Berwick. about half mile south of Safeways roundabout. Central reservation     487 1998-03-17
A1     south bound just after the Felton by-pass and before Eshott airfield 60mph limit NZ172998 60 676 1999-03-25
A1   N Northbound - Just past Alnwick turn off, road narrows to single lane from dual carriageway and heads down bank, hidden camera just past the "Don't Speed" sign, road marking both sides.     823 1999-04-29
A1   N Northbound - at left turn to Alnwick and then road has a right hand filter lane painted on it for Denwick and Seahouses, single cottage on the right hand side at B road entrance     824 1999-04-29
A1 Stannington B Stannington. Approx 300 yards north of the bridge over the River Blyth. The old swivelling camera on the central reservation has been replaced by 4 cameras, both directions at about the original location and also about 1/2 mile North   50 1487 1999-07-29
A1 South Charlton   South Charlton on the north bound side but is hidden from view by a very large road sign. You have no chance of seeing it, just keep watching for the large sign for the B6347 to Christon Bank and Embleton and it's right behind it.     1494 1999-07-29
A1068     A1068 North bound, entering Scotland Gate, 30mph.   30 796 1999-04-29
A1068 Choppington   A1068 Choppington. Situated in a dip in the road at the Southern end of the village about 50m north of the Swan public house on the north bound side.     1492 1999-07-29
A1068 Red Row   A1068 Red Row. Sited on the south bound side at the entrance to Druridge Bay Country Park. -     1493 1999-07-29
A1147 Stakeford   A1147, Stakeford. Camera situated at the southern end of the village on the north bound side of the road     1491 1999-07-29
A189     A189 North bound, 200 meters before crossing the river Wansbeck, 70mph.   70 795 1999-04-29
A189     A189, Spine Road. Camera mounted in the central reservation on the stretch of dual carriageway between Bedlington and North Seaton, approx 100m south of the River Wansbeck.     1490 1999-07-29
A193     A193 South bound entering Seaton Sluice. 30 mph.   30 794 1999-04-29
A193 Seaton Sluice   A193 Seaton Sluice. Sited at the north end of the village opposite the filling station.     1497 1999-07-29
A197 Pegswood   A197 Pegswood. Located at the West end of the village the camera faces East and stand opposite the bus stop near the Citroen garage.     1495 1999-07-29
A6079     At Acomb Village [Northumberland] on the A6079 to Wall village/North Tyne Valley & obviously back to Hexham facing S/E.     803 1999-04-29
A69     A69 East or West bound on Hexham bypass at junction with A6079 930655 60 681 1999-03-25
A69     Camera box on the A69 on the Eastbound [downhill] carriageway about 100m west of the A69/B6318 Greenhead slip road.     775 1999-04-26
A69     One is on A69 Northumberland heading east near Greenhead. This is on a long downhill stretch and a lot of cars are known to brake suddenly.     821 1999-04-29
A69     The other is in Haltwhistle on the old A69 road. This can work in any direction and is not clearly visible when heading east. The camera is in a 30m.p.h limit which most people do not realise.   30 822 1999-04-29
A69     A69 East bound at Greenhead near Haltwhistle, on the down side of Greenhead bank is a gatso camera on the new 60 limit.   60 877 1999-04-30
A69 Haydon Bridge   A69 Haydon Bridge. Approximately 300 yards in to Haydon Bridge Eastbound     1485 1999-07-29
A69 Haltwhistle   A69 Haltwhistle. Travelling towards Newcastle, 2 miles West of Haltwhistle, just after the turn off for the Military Road     1486 1999-07-29
A69 Haydon Bridge E A69 Eastbound. Camera totally hidden behind mileage sign just over bridge in Haydon Bridge. Only gets one direction - westbound. 30mph limit.   30 1590 1999-09-13
A696 Belsay   A696, Belsay. Camera outside pub between Ponteland and Belsay, just past Wagon Inn.     1488 1999-07-29
A696 Ponteland R Northumberland, A696 between Ponteland and Belsay, directly outside The Highlander public house at a minor junction. 60mph, reversible.   60 1540 1999-08-12
A697     A 697 Longhorsley south bound in village 148946 30 679 1999-03-25
A697     A697 Longframlington south bound just as you enter the village 130013 30 680 1999-03-25
A697     A697 Cameras in Longhorsely and Longframlington     703 1999-03-27
A697 Longframlington   A697, Longframlington. Gatso in 30 limit at North end of village, faces South   30 1489 1999-07-29
B1329 Blyth   B1329 Blyth. A sneaky one this. Located in amongst trees outside the park on the south bound side of the road. Very hard to spot.     1496 1999-07-29

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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