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Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A30 Yeovil   Mini gatso on A30 entering Yeovil from the Sherborne dual carriageway. Opposite first lamp post on the right after entrance to Pittards leather treatment works.     1931 2000-02-14
A303 Ilminster W A303 Ilminster bypass travelling west about 3/4 along just past bridge   60 460 1998-03-16
A303   E Somerset A303, between Sparkford and Podimore Cross (just north of West Camel). Camera on the east-bound carriageway about quarter of a mile after the dual carriageway drops to single lane. 60 MPH (?)   60 698 1999-03-26
A303 Winterbourne Stoke   A303 at Winterbourne Stoke   40 1355 1999-06-16
A3033 Weston-super-Mare S   ST315586   43 1996-02-01
A358 Henlade E of Taunton W just after 50 at end of dual carriageway behind direction sign ST271240 50 182 1996-09-10
A358 Chard N Leaving town from the North ST323068 40 291 1998-02-03
A359 Mudford N Gatso camera on A359 Mudford. Located mid way through the village facing North (downhill).     1831 1999-12-08
A36 Batheaston S A36 Dual Carriageway down hill at start of Batheaston Bypass (S bound twds Batheaston, GR 755675 ST755675   731 1999-04-11
A36 Batheaston W A36 Batheaston Bypass at E end travelling W twds Bath, GR 784670 ST784670   732 1999-04-11
A361 Doulting   Mini gatso in Doulting on A361 just outside shepton mallet,somerset again 3 Strips and this one is hidden in the grass bank at the start of the village.     1400 1999-06-21
A37 Pensford N About 5 miles south of Bristol on the A37 in the village of PENSFORD.Bottom of the steep hill in the direction of BRISTOL the road bears tothe left over the bridge, camera is on the left hand side.     458 1998-03-16
A37 Bristol to Yeovil   Several on the A37 between Podimore roundabout and Bristol - mostly in restricted villages where they should be     462 1998-03-16
A37     Somerset A37 Street-on-the Fosse. Coming from Shepton Mallet through village. Scrap yard on right hand side going Southbound, Gatso hiding behind road direction sign on left hand side of road. 50 MPH limit.   50 932 1999-05-04
A37 Gurney Slade   New camera live in Gurney Slade half way up hill also mini gatso point in middle of village watch for those three strips on tarmac.     1399 1999-06-21
A37 Shepton Mallett   Mini gatso point again A37 coming into Shepton Mallet outside drinks factory.     1401 1999-06-21
A37 Temple Cloud S Somerset A37 Temple Cloud 30mph limit applies one camera southbound just after 30mph sign as you come off a right hand bend just before the school. partly hidden by trees.   30 1547 1999-08-27
A37 Ilchester to Yeovil   A37 Halfway between Ilchester and Yeovil at the apex of a bend in a short 40mph limit.   40 1592 1999-09-20
A37 Pylle   A37 at Pylle nr Shepton Mallet delibratly concealed behind a direction sign for the traffic from the North.     1593 1999-09-20
A37 Gurney Slade NE A37 Gurney Slade, on entry to village. Northbound. Just inside 40 limit.   40 1889 2000-01-10
A37/A39 Farrington Gurney   New camera hidden in trees leaving Farrington Gurney on A37 /A39 Junction.     1397 1999-06-21
A37/B3139 Emborough   New camera live at b3139 and A37 junction hidden behind sign in emborough.     1398 1999-06-21
A370 Weston-super-Mare S On leaving Weston for Bridgwater     24 1996-03-04
A370 Bridgewater to Weston N nr Bleadon     25 1996-03-04
A370 Weston to Bristol N In Backwell ST491682   40 1996-02-01
A370 Weston-super-Mare E A370 Weston Super Mare, Eastbound on dual carriageway between roundabout at Safeway and roundabout at RAF Locking turn off. 50 mph limit. Unit is inactive.   50 994 1999-05-14
A370 Weston-super-Mare W A370 Weston Super Mare, Westbound on dual carriageway between roundabout at Hutton Moore leisure centre and Roundabout at McDonalds. 50 mph limit. Unit is inactive.   50 995 1999-05-14
A370 Weston-super-Mare S A370 Weston Super Mare, Southbound on road between Uphill golf course and Broadoak School. 30 mph limit.   30 996 1999-05-14
A370 Cleeve   Cleeve, Somerset on the A370 adjacent to the garden centre     1744 1999-11-03
A371     Somerset >> A371 Prestleigh - on approach to this village in a narrow downhill section and just inside the 30 limit is a speed camera well hidden behind the speed sign   30 943 1999-05-06
A371 East Brent S A371 between Burnham on Sea and Weston super Mare, at East Brent   40 1976 2000-03-13
A371 Lympsham   A371 between Burnham on Sea and Weston super Mare, at Lympsham (well hidden behind road sign and tree)     1977 2000-03-13
A38 Taunton R central reservation just W of traffic lights at A358 junction ST249256 50 181 1996-09-10
A38 Churchill S Somerset A38 Southbound from Churchill Down a large hill in a 50mph zone large sign then going to 40 instantly behind 2nd sign is gatso   40 581 1998-06-05
A38 Taunton to Wellington   Somerset - Taunton to Wellington, signposted both ways, positioned 15 yards lhs after bus stop, beside the cross-roads at The Heatherton Grange. 3 strips across the road.     718 1999-04-04
A38 Pawlett S A38 at Pawlett     1353 1999-06-16
A38 Cross   A38 at Cross     1354 1999-06-16
A38 Cross W A38 Cross -- downhill direction. Gatso hidden behind direction sign.   40 1974 2000-03-13
A38 Rooks Bridge   A38 Rooks Bridge -- Gatso outside pub - Bristol direction   50 1975 2000-03-13
A39 Ashcott E mini gatso on A39 in Ashcott village outside street, somerset mini gatso in red wall again watch for three strips in the middle of the village.     1404 1999-06-21
A4     A4 Bath Rd in-bound twds Bristol from Brislington Park & Ride traffic lights, GR620690 ST620690   733 1999-04-11
A4     A4 Bath Rd both ways from MFI at Tramways Rd Lights E-bound, direction of Bath, GR615710 ST615710   734 1999-04-11
A4 Bristol   two of which are in Brislington, one facing each way     1019 1999-05-20
A4 Bristol   towards Bath heading in to Bristol, just after the traffic lights     1020 1999-05-20
A4018 Westbury-on-Trym   heading towards the M4 on the A4018 through Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol   40 1021 1999-05-20
A4018 Bristol N Camera hidden behind direction-sign on A4018 Westbury Road (Northbound), just before zebra crossing, at junction with Falcondale Road. Non-reversible.     1571 1999-09-13
B3139 Chilcompron W Somerset on B3139 at Chilcompton 30mph limit applies one camera westbound outside Village Hall by entrance to school   30 1545 1999-08-27
B3139 Chilcompron E Somerset on B3139 at Chilcompton second camera eastbound just after Somerset Wagon pub on left partly hidden by trees. camera covers approach to difficult cross roads.   30 1546 1999-08-27
      Cross is the name of the village must catch a million as its a, downhill b, within 300 yards of 50 mile zone c, well hidden   50 582 1998-06-05
  Bristol   W-bound direction of Bristol Centre ST614711   735 1999-04-11
  Weston-super-Mare   Weston Super Mare - dual carriageway after McDonalds - long straight, then 40mph camera   40 1408 1999-06-22
  Yeovil W Mini Gatso on westbound side of Lysander Road, between traffic lights opposite the main entrance to GKN Westland Helicopters and the next roundabout going west, just past the B & Q superstore.   30 2174 2000-06-26

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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