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Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A726 Glasgow W Rouken Glen Road heading west about 500 metres from junction with Davieland Road. Heading east it's about 500 metres from the roundabout at Spiersbridge.     2084 2002-01-23
A736 Glasgow S A736, Sandwood Road. Camera just at entrance to school. Dual carriageway with 30 limit.   30 2300 2000-09-11
A77 Glasgow N On Pollokshaws Road heading north near the entrance to the Burrell Gallery at Pollok Country Park. It's hidden behind trees just after Pollokshaws West Station.     2087 2000-04-11
A803 Glasgow N Springburn Road heading north near the Kentucky Fried Chicken just after Reg Vardy Alfa Romeo dealership.     2085 2000-04-11
A806 Glasgow W Westbound on Anniesland Road (A 806) in front of Knightswood fire station. 30 mph.   30 1881 2000-01-10
A82 Glasgow   On Great Western Road(A82), just past the Pitch, well hidden in amongst trees just past the canal on the left. NS527700   1921 2000-02-02
A879 Glasgow N Balmore Road, Possilpark, heading north about 200 metres after junction with Bilsland Drive and Saracen Street.     2086 2000-04-11
B769 Glasgow S Thornliebank Road heading south just as road straightens half a mile after leaving Nether Auldhouse roundabout.     2088 2000-04-11
M74 Johnstonbridge S SPECS pole camera at first bridge after Johnstonbridge services on the southbound M74 , Jct 16     1573 1999-09-13
M8 Glasgow   Trial infa red cameras sited on the M8 motorway opposite the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and located on both sides of the motorway. Police info states they are only trial but will prosecute if speeds are above 70mph (this area is a 50mph zone)   50 1677 1999-10-18
      Glasgow South Street, Whiteinch (Industrial Estate     603 1998-08-03
  Glasgow   fixed gatso camera on cumbernauld road glasgow ,which was recently built was made live on sat 11th sept and is concealed behind a large mature tree after the brow of a hill. there is also no warning signs and no markings on the road.     1591 1999-09-14
  Wishaw   Gatso camera on Netherton Road Wishaw (at Overton high school) set to trigger at 35mph (this is a 30 mph zone) NOT ALWAYS LOADED.   30 1678 1999-10-18
  Hamilton   Gatso camera sited beside primary school in Hillhouse Hamilton 30 mph zone and this camera is always LOADED and is set to trigger a 35mph   30 1679 1999-10-18
  Paisley   Paisley, at DVLA test centre. Camera hidden behind bus stop just up from the test centre. 30mph.   30 1840 1999-12-08
  Yoker   Yoker. Road that passes by the Renfrew ferry and Yoker ship yards has a camera near the Kelvin Hall end. 30mph.   30 1841 1999-12-08
  Pollok   Road to Pollok which passes through Paisley Road, camera hidden by bus stop as you pass the hospital.     1842 1999-12-08
  Renfrew   Renfrew. Cockleslone at the M8 motorway bridge opposite arklestone primary school. 30mph. Mobile.     1843 1999-12-08
  Renfrew   Renfrew. Glynhill Hotel, hiding in Wright Street if heading into Renfrew. Mobile.     1844 1999-12-08
  Renfrew   Renfrew. Glynhill Hotel, hiding in the bus stop over the hill if going to Paisley. Mobile.     1845 1999-12-08
  Renfrew   Renfrew. Paisley Road. Usually situated at or near Chivas. Mobile lasers in bus stops. 30mph.     1846 1999-12-08
  Glasgow   Killin Street - gatso between Hamilton Street and Shettleston road. Speed limit 30mph   30 1849 1999-12-08
  Glasgow   London Road - gatso after 30mph sign, where the Belvidere Hospital was situated. Speed Limit 30mph   30 1850 1999-12-08
  Glasgow   SECC Expressway Glasgow, gatso camera situated next to the docks while heading towards Clydebank about 200 metres away from the roundabout. 50 mph limit. Very active.   50 1891 2000-01-10
  Renfrew   The road which passes the Deanpark Hotel has recently been reduced from a 70 to a 40 mph limit due to the recent introduction of new traffic lights and the opening of Braehead Shopping Centre. Be careful!   40 1892 2000-01-10
  Glasgow   Clydeside Expressway Westbound, close to the SECC about 300 metres before the first roundabout when coming from the M8. Speed limit 50mph.   50 1899 2000-01-28
  Bellshill   Old Edinburgh Road on the approach into Viewpark coming from the Bellshill By-Pass. Across the road from a shoe factory near the Righead Industrial Estate, and just beyond the junction with Philip Murray Road.   30 1932 2000-02-14
  Glasgow   Carmunnock Road. Coming from East Kilbride, heading towards city center on dual carriageway hidden behind a road sign.   30 2005 2000-03-17
  Glasgow   Prospecthill Road. Dual Carriageway heading away from Hampden towards Rutherglen. 30mph limit   30 2006 2000-03-17
  Glasgow   Prospecthill Road. Single Carriageway beside houses heading towards Hampden, hidden in thick bushes.   30 2007 2000-03-17
  Rutherglen   Main Street, Rutherglen. Outside Clydesdale bank.     2008 2000-03-17
  Glasgow E Barrhead Road, just past traffic lights at Cowglen Savings Bank. Camera slightly obscured by bus stop and trees. Dual carriageway with 40 limit   40 2299 2000-09-11

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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