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Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A127   S A217 Reigate Hill approaching Reigate. 200 yards downhill from the petrol sation, just beyond the left turning for Raglan Road   30 646 1999-02-24
A217 Lower Kingswood R Central reservation just north of brow of hill by petrol station TQ241552 40 375 1998-02-24
A217 Burgh Heath N between Tadworth roundabout and traffic lights junction with A240 TQ248 5832 40 377 1998-02-24
A217     A217 at top of Reigate hill on left heading towards towncentre and on same road one just past the Esso garage also on the left. 40mph   40 948 1999-05-06
A217     On A217 south of M25 J8 heading to Reigate speed limit 40 mph   40 1363 1999-06-16
A217 Burgh Heath   Burgh Heath. Going North 300 yds before Banstead cross roads.     1641 1999-09-29
A217   B Brighton Rd. Near Shelvers Rd junction. Points both ways.     1642 1999-09-29
A217 Lower Kingswood B Lower Kingswood. Points both ways.     1643 1999-09-29
A22 Whyteleafe N Whyteleafe A22 Northbound, after Caterham bypass, just after end of dual-carriageway at Whyteleafe South station, by Elf garage   30 1419 1999-06-25
A24 Mickleham N Micklam. A24. N/bound carriageway at roundabout before Texaco garage. Mobile radar trap. Popular on Sunday.     2153 2000-05-22
A240 Tolworth R 0.5 mile south of A3, centre of dual carriageway   40 206 1997-03-01
A240     Traffic Light junction with Jubilee Way TQ205645   276 1998-02-24
A240 Ewell B Kingston rd. Aprox 300 yds after Jubilee Way traffic lights going towards Ewell. Points both ways.     1625 1999-09-29
A240 Ewell B Ewell by pass. Between London Rd traffic lights and Cheam Rd traffic lights. Points both ways.     1626 1999-09-29
A243 Chessington N before Chessington, 100yds before 30mph limit   40 204 1997-03-01
A243 Hook R Just south of A3, centre of dual carriageway   30 205 1997-03-01
A244   N A244 Upper Halliford Road by "The Bugle" pub - 400m south of the M3 bridge     562  
A246 Guildford   On the A246 heading out of Guildford - the camera is between Guildford and Merrow on the left side just past the ministry of agricuture, fisheries & food.     1785 1999-12-08
A25 Bletchingly W Bletchingley A25 Westbound after long straight from Godstone, just in 30mph limit by bus shelter with Plough pub on right     1418 1999-06-25
A287 Frensham N 50yd after humpback bridge   30 213 1997-03-24
A3   B going into London on the narrow lane urban section   50 5 1996-02-27
A3   E where 40 limit begins   40 6 1996-02-27
A3   NE     50 70 1996-04-13
A3   W before A243 exit, Hook Underpass, behind sign TQ183654 50 72 1996-04-13
A3   N just after 40 limit before A308 junction   40 74 1996-04-13
A3 Surbiton/Hook NE verge as dual carriageway leave open country TQ173652 50 140 1996-06-21
A3   NE verge, just after junction before Hogsmill River TQ194669 50 141 1996-06-21
A3 Malden S on left at end of petrol station slip road TQ225685 50 141 1996-06-21
A316 Richmond NE At Richmond, between the river bridge and Richmond Circus roundabout with playing fields on one side of the road and a massive car park   40 456 1998-03-10
M23   S On the long straight stretch just before the J9 (Gatwick). Mobile.     1479 1999-07-29
  Reigate Hill   Surrey,Reigate Hill.On the road from M25 Jcn 8 to Reigate.This is a very large hill with 30 and 40 limits.One camera either side,painted green and one quite concealed by trees.     1584 1999-09-13
  Charlton Village S Charlton Rd Surrey. In Charlton Rd Charlton Village going south.     1640 1999-09-29
  Brockham   Brockham. Surrey. Newdigate road, south of village green. Mobile radar trap. Monthly. 30 limit.   30 2152 2000-05-22

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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