ABD - Speed Cameras - Tyne and Wear
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A1018     A1018 Ryhope Road 1 hidden on 30 mph dual carriageway city bound. 2 others 250yds at crossroads (both N & S bound)   30 657 1999-03-24
A1018     A1018 past Wearmouth Bridge North Bound at pelican crossing.(30 MPH)   30 658 1999-03-24
A1018     A1018 Traffic Lights The Grange Public House (2 Camera's) (40 MPH)   40 659 1999-03-24
A183   E Sunderland. Gatso on A183 Shiney Row at entry to west end of village.     1484 1999-07-29
A184 Newcastle E Felling bypass, at Gateshead stadium NZ270630 40 353  
A184 Newcastle W Felling bypass, by Audi dealership NZ280620 40 354  
A19     area between testo's roundabout and the tyne tunnel on the a19 and the river wear area.     788 1999-04-28
A690     A690 - Ring Road Traffic Light Crossroads, by the prospect Public House. 2 camera's. (30 MPH)   30 655 1999-03-24
A690     A690 City bound o/s City of Sunderland College, Bede Centre. 30 MPH stretch. Take care as the limit changes from 40 to 30 - not clearly marked!   30 656 1999-03-24
A690     Sunderland A690 heading into Sunderland at top of Barnes Bank     704 1999-03-27
B1286     Sunderland B1286 Approaching Shiney Row from Bournmoor     705 1999-03-27
B1318 Gosforth R B1318 Great North Road, Gosforth, South of Broadway Roundabout, Newcastle upon Tyne. On the central reservation. Reversible   30 1682 1999-10-18
      Felling ByPass 2 Camera's 1 at JN Reg Vardy City Bound. 1 just past Mc Donalds Sunderland bound - mainly aimed at light jumpers (40 MPH)(A6127???)   40 660 1999-03-24
  Newcastle upon Tyne   speed trap newton road newcastle upon tyne beside newton pub     1574 1999-09-13
  Longbenton   In the centre reservation of a short stretch of dual carriageway at the junction of Ainthorpe Gardens and Fairways Avenue. Reversible. 30 mph.   30 1882 2000-01-10
  Gosforth N Camera on the B1318 Gosforth High Street, Northbound, just North of Blue House Roundabout and immediately after the 30 mph limit starts   30 2157 2000-05-26

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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