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Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A23   N A23 North bound from Brighton to Pease Pottage. Mobile.     1452 1999-07-29
A23 Pycombe   Pycombe, on the bridge about 3/4 mile prior to the 'Tates' garage. Mobile.     1453 1999-07-29
A23 Hickstead   At the end of the Hickstead on-ramp, and tucked up in the bushes adjacent to a house - hard to spot! Mobile.     1455 1999-07-29
A23     Just beyond the A272 on-ramp when going up Bolney hill towards the Esso petrol station, on the bridge and also the Police observation stand. Mobile.     1456 1999-07-29
A23     Just before bridge at the B2115 off-ramp, parked in a farm entrance. Mobile.     1457 1999-07-29
A23     Just after the B2115 on-ramp, yet just before the 'Happy Eater', parked in the layby. Mobile.     1458 1999-07-29
A23 Pease Pottage   PeasePottage - where the A23 becomes the M23, on the bridge. Mobile.     1459 1999-07-29
A23 Pease Pottage S A23 South bound Pease Pottage towards Brighton. Mobile.     1460 1999-07-29
A23     Just before the off-ramp at the garage prior to Handcross Hill, parked under the bridge - in its shadow. Mobile.     1461 1999-07-29
A23 Handcross Hill   At the garage prior to Handcross Hill, parked on the Police observation point - partly obscured by bushes. Mobile.     1462 1999-07-29
A23 Handcross Hill   Halfway down Handcross Hill, parked in the slip road to the B2110. Mobile.     1463 1999-07-29
A23     Just before the off-ramp at the B2115, parked on the Policeobservation point. Mobile.     1464 1999-07-29
A23     About 1 mile before the A272 off-ramp, on the bridge spanning the road. Mobile.     1465 1999-07-29
A23 Hickstead   Just before the Hickstead off-ramp, parked behind bushes. Mobile.     1466 1999-07-29
A23 Hickstead   Parked on the on-ramp from Hickstead. Mobile.     1467 1999-07-29
A23 Hickstead   Almost adjacent to Hickstead show ground, parked in the layby - supprisingly hard to spot ! Mobile.     1468 1999-07-29
A23     Just beyond the on-ramp from the B2117, parked in the grass verge. Mobile.     1469 1999-07-29
A23 Pyecombe   Adjacent to the petrol station at Pyecombe, on the Police observation point. Mobile.     1470 1999-07-29
A23     On the bridge holding the signposts, just before the roundabout where the A27 junctions commence. Mobile.     1471 1999-07-29
A23     Parked on the roundabout at the A23/A27 interchange behind the luminous roundabout warning panels. Mobile.     1472 1999-07-29
A24     A24 'Buck Barn' traffic lights. Northbound AND Southbound at the junction with the A272, there are cameras on the traffic lights.     917 1999-05-04
A24     A24 immediately north of first Southwater roundabout on police vehicles only vantage point     931 1999-05-04
A24 Worthing S A24 Broadwater Road (dual carriageway) just before Broadwater Bridge - the camera only affects south bound traffic heading towards the town centre. 30mph.   30 1873 2000-01-10
A24 Southwater bypass   Mobile site on A24 Southwater bypass hiding on bridge, often on Sundays     2102 2000-04-20
A24 Broadbridge Heath   Mobile site on Broadbridge Heath intersection hiding on bridge, often on Sundays     2103 2000-04-20
A259 Southbourne W Before village, just inside 30 limit SU789050 30 285 1997-10-22
A259 Southbourne W Fixed Gatso just inside 30mph zone. "30" signs obscured by other road signs until fairly close   30 2175 2000-06-26
A27     A27 Westbound (Crossbush, nr. Arundel). Camera on traffic lights as you leave the end of the dual carriageway.     909 1999-05-04
A27     A27 Eastbound (Lancing). Camera on traffic lights at the end of the dual carriageway (40mph). About 400 yds after that is another camera facing eastbound on the pedestrian crossing.   40 912 1999-05-04
A27     A27 Westbound (Shoreham Airport). Camera on traffic lights at the end of the Shoreham Flyover.     913 1999-05-04
A27     A27 Eastbound (Hove) at the junction with Goldstone Villas. Camera on traffic lights - completely concealed by a tree! 30mph zone.   30 914 1999-05-04
A27     A27 Eastbound (Hove) at the junction with The Drive. Camera on traffic lights. 30mph zone.   30 915 1999-05-04
A270 Brighton E A270 in Moulescoomb near Brighton university buildings and Moulescombe school. Reversable camera....usually points in out-of-town (eastbound) direction     1377 1999-06-16
A272     A272 30mph Scaynes Hill west bound   30 928 1999-05-04
A272     A272 60mph Eastbound at North Chailey   60 929 1999-05-04
A286 Fernhurst S From Haslemere in Surrey Southbound towards Midhurst on the A286 just before the village of Fernhurst in a 40 limit, at bottom of the hill and HIDDEN by trees.   40 1498 1999-07-29
A29 Pulborough N A29 Pulborough northbound in 30 opposite Rolls Royce/Landrover dealers fixed GATSO.   30 2101 2000-04-20
B2139 Storrington N GATSO on the B2139 in Storrington village, West Sussex going north.     2156 2000-05-22
M23     the M23/M25 junction three cameras were installed within a mile of the junction on the Gatwick side     493 1998-03-17
M23   N Between J11 and J10A - parked on far side of Police observation stand, which itself is partly obscured by bushes. Mobile.     1474 1999-07-29
M23   N Between J11 and J10A - on hardshoulder underneath and in the shadow of the bridge, just before J10A on-ramp. Mobile.     1475 1999-07-29
  Hove   GATSO in Sussex regularly seen opposite bowling greens on Hove seafront on A259 (just after speed camera). Also seen regularly just after other camera on A259 west of Brighton     470 1998-03-16
      Mobile GATSO - Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham (Eastbound) in the entrance to Buckingham Park. 30mph zone.   30 918 1999-05-04
      Mobile GATSO - Horsham, (Eastbound) in the layby immediately before the Royal & Sun Alliance building underpass. 30mph zone.   30 919 1999-05-04
      Mobile GATSO - Bolney, on the bridge over the A23 dual carriageway (70mph zone). Seems to favour southbound traffic.   70 920 1999-05-04
      30mph leaving Cuckfield towards Staplefield   30 930 1999-05-04
  Lewes   Lewes Sussex. Mobile in layby opposite Esso garage at bottom of Malling Hill, facing upwards obscured by parked cars.     1965 2000-03-13
  Crawley   Fleming Way - Manor Royal Industrial Estate, Crawley West Sussex. Outside the Vent Axia building on same side of road as Vent Axia 100m before junction of Fleming Way and Faraday Road.     2062 2000-04-04
  Lancing/Worthing N Lancing/Worthing border heading north on western road (connects A27 to A259) by entrance to Brooklands boating lake. Fixed Gatos 30 mph zone   30 2229 2000-07-31

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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