ABD - Speed Cameras - Wiltshire
Important note about our speed camera database

Road Town Direction Location Grid Ref Limit Ref Date
A303 Winterbourne Stoke W Near phone box SU075411 40 170 1996-08-17
A303 Cricklade W   ST889340 50 171 1996-08-17
A303   Both Just west of turning south to Telfont Magna ST985360 60 172 1996-08-17
A303     Wiltshire A303, Countess roundabout, Amesbury. Cameras on both carriageways on the westernized of the roundabout. SU153421 70mph SU153421 70 694 1999-03-26
A303     Wiltshire A303, Winterbourne Stoke. SU075411 40 695 1999-03-26
A303     Wiltshire A303, Winterbourne Stoke SU072408 40 696 1999-03-26
A303     Wiltshire A303, RAF Chilmark turning ST982357 60 697 1999-03-26
A338 Collingbourne Kingston S Camera on LHS concealed by bus shelter at Aughton turning to left. Approx 350yds from 40mph sign at entrance to village   40 2124 2000-05-03
A338 North Tidworth S Camera on LHS approx 250yds from 30mph sign, just over the brow of the hill.   30 2125 2000-05-03
A338 North Tidworth S Camera positioned 100yds after entering 30mph zone in Tidworth on A338, heading toward Salisbury   30 2148 2000-05-22
A345 Chiseldon, nr Swindon   There's a "both-ways" camera situated 0.5m south of Junction 15 of the M4 in Wiltshire (Swindon/Marlborough turn-off) on the A345   50 502 1998-03-17
A350     A350 just outside Whitehall Garden Centre Lacock 60MPH   60 944 1999-05-06
A350 Melksham to Chippenham B A350 on the Lacock cross roads, when travelling from Melksham to Chippenham. Cameras on both sides of the road 400 yards before crossroads.     1621 1999-09-29
A350 Westbury N Mobile camera site on the A350 northbound (Warminster to Westbury) just before entering the town limits of Westbury, in a layby on the LHS of the road     1707 1999-10-26
A36     A36 in South Newton travelling towards Salisbury - 30mph   30 725 1999-04-10
A36     A36 South Newton, Both Ways (just W of Wilton) GR 087343 ST087343   727 1999-04-11
A36 South Newton S A36 to the north of Salisbury. In the centre of South Newton village in the 30 mph zone pointing south.   30 1423 1999-06-28
A36 South Newton   There are radar activated speed warning signs at either end of South Newton village and white markings on the road.   30 1424 1999-06-28
A36 Stapleford   Approximately three miles further north in Stapleford village 40 mph zone.   40 1425 1999-06-28
A361 Trowbridge   two trap positions on the A361 between Trowbridge and Semington roundabout, after West Ashton crossroads by laybys in either direction.     1622 1999-09-29
A365 Melksham   Mobile positions on A365 when on Melksham bypass, in either direction before main West Country Farmers roundabout.     1623 1999-09-29
A417 Cirencester SE Stratton nr Cirencester SP012038 40 12 1996-02-27
A420 Bridgeyate   A420 towards Chippenham   40 1022 1999-05-20
A420   S A420 South bound around gentle curve after 3/4 mile straight from South Marston Turning. 200 yds before ESSO station.     1825 1999-12-08
A420   N A420 North bound50yds before South Marston turning.     1826 1999-12-08
A420 Shrivenham to Swindon B New 50mph limit introduced on A420 from Shrivenham turnoff all the way into Swindon - multiple cameras facing in both directions along A420 towards Sainsbury's roundabout.   50 2063 2000-04-04
A4259 Swindon   Swindon A4259 - Queen's Drive ... speed camera in 40mph (dual carriageway) zone on approach to town centre     1524 1999-08-12
A4312 Swindon   A4312 Oxford Road in Swindon between Stratton and Green bridge. Camera faces outgoing of Swindon about 300 yards from mini roundabout, speed limit 30mph.   30 1412 1999-06-24
A4323 Swindon   Swindon A4323 - Oxford Road ... camera in 30mph zone , hatch markings on both sides of road.     1525 1999-08-12
      Stapleford, Both Ways (between Wilton & Warminster) GR 068369 ST068369   728 1999-04-11
      Nr Westbury Rd Crossing over Twds Bath at Thoulstone (just W of Warminster) GR 838481 ST838481   729 1999-04-11
  Swindon   Queens Drive in Swindon centre reservation. Reversable. Speed limit 40mph. Camera clicks at 50mph.   40 1411 1999-06-24

Direction abbreviations : N,E,S,W,etc - Compass points, B - Both directions, R - Reversible


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