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Local Issues
For enquiries relating to specific regional or local issues in these areas, please contact our regional or local co-ordinator:—
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Ask not what the ABD can do for you,
Ask what you can do for the ABD.

Press Line:
International + 44 870–444–2535
The ABD is run on a voluntary basis by fellow drivers like you, 'working' in our spare time. Whilst we try to reply to all enquiries as soon as possible, our time is limited, so please do not be surprised if there is some delay in responding. We promise not to waste your time with a pointless auto-response message. With the exception of press enquiries, please contact us by email whenever possible as this is much more convenient for us to deal with.
ABD Members
We will prioritize enquiries from members. Please ensure you state your name, postcode and membership number.
Regions & Areas
Regions are arranged geographically, and correspond to the official government regions, with the exception of West Midlands where we use the name 'Mercia' to avoid the obvious confusion with the former 'West Midlands' county. Areas within each region are listed alphabetically.
Is your area not listed?
First, check to see if there is not someone covering a larger area (e.g. Bristol is covered by Avon & Somerset).
If there is no-one, then we need your help.
If you are a member please consider volunteering to be our Local Co-ordinator for your area.
If you are not a member, join us and help us to campaign effectively in your area.

Spam Filters
The amount of unwanted junk email (or 'spam') is becoming an increasing nuisance to all internet users. Please note that spam filters and other measures being taken to deal with this problem may occasionally cause the automatic deletion of genuine emails. In particular, the use of free on-line email services is not recommended as many people are now automatically deleting all emails originating from some of these companies due to the failure of said companies to prevent spammers registering for malicious purposes. The following services are particular likely to suffer such problems:

    • bigfoot.com
    • hotmail.com
    • hushmail.com
    • mail.com
    • msn.com
Though this list is not exclusive.
If you use one of these companies you are warned that your emails may be automatically trashed by some recipients.
If you do not receive a reply to your enquiry within a few weeks, please try sending from a proper (paid for) email address.
Always ensure that your email has an appropriate Subject and a valid From address.
The only way to really stop spam is never to buy any product or service from any entity that sends you unsolicited commercial e-mail.

Telephone Numbers
With the exception of press enquiries,
please use email whenever possible
as this is much more convienient for us to deal with.
07000 781544
International: +44 7000 781544
Press line:

Postal Address (for all membership and general enquiries):

The Association of British Drivers
PO Box 2228

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