About us

The Alliance of British Drivers is a voluntary organisation promoting the interests and concerns of Britain’s drivers. With cars, vans and taxis accounting for 80% of the mileage of all trips in the UK, and over 65% of goods being carried by road, the road network and the people who use it are of vital importance to the nation’s economy.

Drivers should expect the road network to be improved and maintained to a standard that is fit for purpose. They should be able to use the roads in a safe and responsible manner without being subject to unreasonable charges, restrictions or penalties.

In particular, the ABD campaigns for:

  • Greater investment in improving and maintaining the road network.
  • A lower financial burden on drivers, with reduced taxes on owning and running cars.
  • Removal of road tolls, congestion charges, and the abandonment of all road pricing proposals.
  • Reversal of policies that create delays and congestion.
  • More balanced road safety policies, tackling the real causes of accidents.


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