Our 'East Berkshire' area encompasses the unitary authorities of Bracknell Forest, Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead, and Wokingham.
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Sense Comes to Windsor
The tide has begun to turn against Britain's anti-parking madness, with the news that the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead plan to remove many double yellow lines from roads in Windsor.
The plans will initially release 100 new parking spaces, with more to follow. Money will also be invested in improving road surfaces and street lighting.
Council parking spokesman Tom Bursnall, said:
"It's about time councils woke up and thought about the needs of motorists. Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors seem to think that by putting in yellow lines the cars will disappear, but they don't. Cars are the main form of transport for most families and we have a duty to look after them. Many councils seem committed to reducing car use by cutting parking spaces. But we think that it's vital that families have a place to park. Many other local authorities are desperate to over-manage parking - putting yellow lines absolutely everywhere. It is blighting the landscape. The truth is that this is costly to the taxpayer and the motorist but, sadly, achieves little. It certainly doesn't encourage people onto public transport.

A322 Speed Warning Sign
A new speed warning sign has appeared on the A322 dual carriageway flashing 70 heading west towards Bracknell, about 1 mile before its junction with Nine Mile Ride roundabout. On the opposite carriageway, they've finally cleared the trees away from the speed camera warning sign so you can finally see it again (Talivan layby up the road). Someone's obviously taking a bit more interest in speeds on this section of road, so watch out.
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