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Speed Camera Bites Back
Three women who campaigned for a speed camera in Herstmonceux were amongst those caught by it.
Naïve idealistic clueless meddling fools, who clearly have no concept whatsoever of what road safety is all about, but are only to keen to jump on whatever politically-correct bandwagon happens to be passing.
We suggest they book themselves some advanced driver training. They might learn something.
£750,000 Mugging in East Sussex
12,500 drivers in Sussex have been mugged of a total of £750,000. The incidents occured between February and April 2005, on the A27 at Falmer, East Sussex. The culprit was dressed in yellow flourescent material.
The speed limit on this dual carriageway is normally 70mph, but had been excessively reduced to just 40mph during roadworks. When you consider that the speed limit on a country lane — on which you may encounter walkers, cyclists, horses, and stray aninals — is 60mph, this is clearly absurd. Instead of crediting drivers with the intelligence to respond to any potential hazard and reduce speed when it is necessary a ridiculously low blanket speed limit was imposed 24 hours a day, allowing a speed camera to mug drivers who were posing no danger to anyone.
A27 Sotherham to Beddingham Dualling
Proposals to dual the A27 between Southerham (Lewes) and Beddingham (A26 Junction for Newhaven) have been hanging around since 1989. The existing road includes a level crossing which can cause long delays as absurdly it can be closed for over a third of the time. The South Coast Multi Modal Study recommended that the road should be improved to dual carriageway. This has been over-ruled by Alistair Darling who has seen fit to waste money on doing half a job by only building a single carriageway replacement for the existing road. Sussex County Council remain committed to a dual carriageway.
Eastbourne Parking Rip-off Scrapped?
Plans to impose extortionate parking charges on Eastbourne residents, businesses, and visitors appear to have been scrapped. They were to include £52 for a permit to park outside your own house; £300 for businesses per year; parking charges of £1.50 per hour; paying to park on the seafront. Businesses in Eastbourne have said that the proposals would be a disaster for Eastbourne. Objectors cited Brighton and Hastings as examples where existing parking scams were both unpopular and detrimental to the area.

Lib Dem MP attacks 4x4s
In March 2003, MP for Lewes and Lib Dem Environment spokesman Norman Baker, called for a ban on the use of 4x4 vehicles for the school run and supermarket trips. Mr Baker didn't seem to have given much thought to his bright idea, as when asked by a caller on Radio 2, whether this meant people with a 4x4 should have a second car for the school run and going to the supermarket, he was struck dumb. Mr Baker drives a Rover 416 with a 1.6 litre engine, the car is also available with a 1.4 litre engine, but apparently the Lib Dem environment spokesman didn't want a smaller engine. A clear case of "do as I say" not "do as I do".
If you live in Lewes and drive a car, you now know who not to vote for next time.

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