This page encompasses the area covered by Gwent Police including Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport, and Torfaen.
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A Gwent Talivan parked on double-yellow lines in a service road near the Highbeech Roundabout in Chepstow. The speed limit on the targetted road has recently been reduced from 40 to 30 without good reason (other than for the benefit of the Talivan). There are fields on the right hand side of the road. Since this photo was taken an area has been marked out for "Police Vehicles Only". This site is a malicious extortion racket because the bottom half of the talivan is hidden by parked cars
Eyesight Testing Initiative Reveals Interesting Speed Fact
An initiative to spot-check drivers' eyesight has revealed an interesting statistic on 'speeding'. Chris Potter, public health director of Newport Local Health Board, revealed that only 3 of the 47 road deaths in Gwent last year were attributable to 'speed' according to the police. That's just 6.3%, and not even remotely close the government's fabricated 'one third' figure.
The roadside eyesight testing is being carried out to determine whether the number of people driving with inadequate eysight is a significant problem.
BBC — Police pilot motorists' eye tests
Common Sense Prevails in Abergavenny
A proposal to close Market Street and Lion Street in Abergavenny to traffic has been scrapped after a report by consultants showed that it would increase congestion on the A40 and be detrimental to the town centre. We don't know how much public money the council handed over to the consultants, but we could have told the council that for nothing.
Monmouthshire Council — Streets to Stay Open to Traffic to Support Town Centre Trade
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