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A1 Dualling
A new campaign to dual the A1 has been launched, please complete the survey on their site, and sign up to receive their updates.

A1 Petition Dismissed
The government have dismissed a 6,500 signture petition to dual the A1 between Morpeth and Berwick in their usual off-hand arrogant manner.
The petition on the prime minister`s website condemnded the state of repair of the road and the slow speed caused by lorries limited to 40mph.
We urge people to call on their MP and local councillors to support dualling.

Source: National Statistics — Road Casualties in Great Britain
Northumbria Police joined the National Safety Camera Partnership in April 2003, at which time there were 46 fixed cameras. A further 11 are to be introduced over the next two years.

April Fool
In an article for the Evening Chronicle, Michael Craik, the new chief constable of Northumbria who commences his new role on April 1st, was asked this question by our Northumberland local co-ordinator:
"What is your view on speed cameras given their failure to reduce fatalities? Do you recognise the harm done to the relationship between police and public through indiscriminate use of cameras?"

He replied:
"No. Do speed cameras reduce fatalities? On their own possibly not. But they are part of an overall harm reduction strategy. Since 2000 the number of serious and fatal casualties has halved. People just become focussed on the bit they don't like."

What planet is he living on?
Government figures (right) show clearly that there has been no such reduction. Fatalities have increased from 44 in 2000 to 65 in 2003. The man is either totally ignorant of the facts or an abject liar.
And what sort of an answer is "No." to whether he recognises that speed cameras harm the relationship between the public and the police? Maybe he is living on another planet.
Evening Chronicle — A force to be reckoned with
April 2004
Highway Robbery Ale
Northumberland Brewery have introduced a new ale called "Highway Robbery", following a couple of chance encounters between the Dave Roberts, the brewery boss, and speed cameras. The pump crest shows a speed camera in Dick Turpin guise complete with eye patch and twin pistols. Dave said:
"This is my small protest against unnecessary and unwanted road side mugging machines. Stagecoaches used to run from York to Edinburgh and highwaymen would rob them. Now you can get robbed and not even know about it until the letter comes through the post demanding £60!"
SafeSpeed Press Release
Money Money Money
In the financial year 2004/5, 71,642 drivers paid a total of £4.2M in fines in Northumbria.
Northern Echo — N-E safety camera partnership nets profits of £1.7m
(Note that the newspaper has missed the point that 'profit' is largely irrelevant, as it depends how much of the fines they spend that year)
In 2003, 59,894 drivers were caught by Northumbria's speed cameras.
That's equivalent to about 13% of the drivers in Northumbria.*
Have they got you yet?
The fines would have raised £3.6 million.
Only 23,600 drivers were caught in 2002.
Expect the number to increase further in 2004 as the new speed camera partnership begins to target drivers with a vengence in their relentless dash for cash.
See our page showing how prosecutions are increasing wildly, whilst accidents remain at the same levels: Penalties & Prosecutions
* Source Census 2001, assuming households with one car have one driver, those with two or more, two drivers.
Truth be out
Paul Gilroy, Acting Chief Inspector of motor patrols for Northumbria Police has courageously come clean on speed cameras. Speaking at the launch of a new road safety initiative he said:
"Speed cameras don't reduce casualties — they are just for revenue generation."

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