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Much of Peterborough city centre is semi-pedestrianized, which wouldn't be a problem if you could find somewhere to park...
Peterborough City Council is a unitary authority covering the area around Peterborough that was formerly part of Cambridgeshire.
Although Peterborough has been a city since 1541 when the Abbey church became the Cathedral, the city has expanded greatly in recent decades as it was designated as a ‘new town’. It thus benefits from a fairly good peripheral road network comprised of dual carriageways with grade seperated junctions.
Unfortunately, as is often the case, the improved roads around the city have not been matched by improved parking facilities around the city centre, leading to problems at peak periods.
Appalling Fen Roads
Some of the B roads and minor roads on the Fenland to the east of Peterborough have to be amongst the worst roads in Britain. The soft ground combined with inadequate construction means that the roads suffer from appallingly uneven surfaces. The council's solution seems to consist of putting "uneven road" signs everywhere. Imagine speed humps every few metres for miles on end and you get an idea of just how bad these roads are.
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