Rotherham is a Unitary Authority within the former county of South Yorkshire.

Police Left Crash Victim in Car for 6 hours
South Yorkshire Police have been criticised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission after they left a seriously injured man lying in his crashed car for over 6 hours. Police failed to respond properly to initial reports of the crashed car. 2007-04-20
Chief Constable Takes Another Backward Step
South Yorkshire Chief Constable Meredyth Hughes has once again demonstrated his cluelessness about road policing by taking the chinese takeaway traffic cop off traffic duties.
To remove PC Stephen Akrill from such duties is a waste of his police training and will only further reduce the number of properly trained police patrols on our roads. It is totally irrational and serves no purpose other than to satisfy Mr Hughes's ego. Number 48 Please
A police constable who was snapped by a speed camera doing 48 in a 40 zone whilst on his way to pick up a chinese takeaway, somehow managed to persuade a court that he was on the way to an accident, despite the fact he had not been dispatched by the police control room, nor had he told them he was going, nor did he have blues and twos on, nor did he ever turn up at the accident.
One rule for them, another for us. Speed Limit Reduction
The council are planning to reduce the speed limit on Barnsley Road, Wath upon Dearne, from 40mph to 30mph and install a dozen speed cushions.
They say "The introduction of traffic calming measures will allow us to amend the existing speed limit on Barnsley Road from 40mph to 30mph. Without the introduction of these speed cushions to reduce vehicle speeds it is unlikely that any amendment to the existing speed limit will take place.", which is in effect an admission that 30mph is too low a speed limit for the road.
Objections were required by 9th June 2006. Policing Goes Downhill
In stark contrast to the sensible comments made on speed cameras by the former Chief Constable of South Yorkshire — Mike Hedges, the new incumbent is clearly another speed camera zealot.
Meredydd Hughes has been caught twice by speed cameras, once in Sheffield and once in South Wales, yet despite being doubtless sure that he wasn't driving in a dangerous manner, he still thinks speed cameras are a good idea, and even wants hidden cameras re-introduced. Let's hope the brainless idiot gets caught twice more and banned — maybe the penny will finally drop.
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