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Walsall is a unitary authority covering an area mostly to the north east of the M5/M6 junction.

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Parking Fines
An investigation by Beacon Radio has found that parking fines in Walsall rose fifteen-fold in April compared to the same period last year. Responsibility for parking enforcement was handed over to private company APCOA in April; and as in many other towns in the UK, enforcement is now carried out by a private company primarily to generate profit.
Brownhills Eastern Bypass
Plans are underway for the Brownhills bypass that has been neeeded for decades to take through traffic away from the town centre.
The proposed road will run from the A452 south of the town, almost due north to join the A5 at the roundabout just west of the A5 bridge over the M6 Toll. This will unfortunately highlight the stupid decision not to have built said bridge as a dual carraigeway.
As is usual these days, BANANAs from all over the country are opposing this scheme with the usual claptrap arguments; despite the fact they live nowhere near Brownhills.
Anti-road hysteria has already allowed NIMBYs to succeed in demanding the road be moved further away from Stonnall, despite the fact that the new road will take through traffic away from the village, and for half of its length follows an existing road!
So whether you are a resident, shopper, local business, or someone who passes through the town, be sure to have your stay to stop the vociferous minority stopping this road.
2005 Nov
Sutton Road Speed Limit
Walsall Council are proposed reducing the speed on the B4151 Sutton Road from 40mph to 30mph.
"In the interests of road safety, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council is proposing to reduce the speed limit on Sutton Road, Walsall from 85 metres west of its junction with Skip Lane to its junction with Broadway North in conjunction with signing and coloured surfacing."
This wide road with wide grass verges offering good sightlines of potential hazards has long been 40mph. The extreme width of the verges indicates that it was long ago planned to widen the road to dual carriageway. A 30mph speed limit is entirely inappropriate.
Map of location
The section of road affected is the orange B road between the red road (A4148 Broadway) and the yellow lane below the PH on the right.
WMBC Proposal
As is usual with these schemes, the council divisively consulted residents who live on the road, but not drivers who use it everyday.
Speed Limits Retard Life

30mph limit on the wide A4148 Walsall Ring Road
Walsall's favourite 'road safety' policy is to reduce many speed limits to ridiculously low levels accompanied by gharish signs displaying their pet slogan "Speed Limits Life". The photo on the right shows the A4148 Walsall Ring Road near the arboretum. As you can clearly see this is a wide road with no properties on the left (there are 6 foot high railings!). The road used to be 40mph until the politically correct got to it.
Many side roads coming off the ring road have 20mph limits. Some of these limits are reasonable due to parked cars on narrow roads, but some have been imposed on wide straight roads with no parked cars and are patently ridiculous.
In other areas of Walsall, previously NSLA rural roads have been reduced to 40, and some country lanes to 30, despite these having no houses alongside them.
It is silly speed limits like these which incite contempt for all speed limits and threaten to undermine fundamental principles of road safety.
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