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Parking Enforcers on Their Way to Worthing
The effects of 'decriminalised parking' are about to hit Worthing drivers. Until now parking as been enforced by the police and by police appointed traffic wardens. From 10th September 2007, parking enforcement will be handed over to the council.
LAPE (Local Authority Parking Enforcement) has already been introduuced by Horsham and Mid Sussex.
Speed Cameras Not Needed to Improve Safety
One of the top ten most improved roads in the UK for safety between 2000 and 2005 was a stretch of the A272 near West Grinstead. The number of crashes was reduced by 71% without resorting to the despised speed cameras.
The common sense measures uses to achieve this improvement included cutting back overgrown hedges, repainting road markings, resurfacing, and putting up new signs.
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