This list details when ABD spokesmen appeared on TV and Radio during 1998, and when the ABD was featured in newspaper and magazine articles.
Dates are given in reverse chronological order (most recent first).
Magazine dates refer to cover date not publication date, which is generally several weeks earlier.

      Date       Media Details
1998-Q4 EVO magazine Letter
1998-Q4 Fleet News Letter
1998-08-24 BBC Radio Nottingham Julian Rowden
1998-07 MG World Article by Mark McArthur-Christie
1998-Q2 Autocar Press release on Operation Victoria quoted
1998-Q2 Auto Express Hugh Bladon quoted re £20 admin charge for speeding tickets
1998-Q1 BBC Radio 5 Interview following budget
1998-Q1 World in Action Interview regarding speed and speed cameras
1998-Q1 Times Letter by Mark McArthur-Christie
1998-01-16 Daily Mirror -
1998-02-04 Autocar -
1998-Q1 Daily Mail Letter by Bernard Abrams
1998-Q1 Western Daily Press Letter by Julian Rowden
1998-Q1 The West This Week, HTV Appearance by Julian Rowden
1998-01-12 London Evening Standard Article on unmarked police cars
1998-01-01 Driving magazine Letter by Julian Rowden

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