This list details when ABD spokesmen appeared on TV and Radio during 2000, and when the ABD was featured in newspaper and magazine articles.
Dates are given in reverse chronological order (most recent first).
Magazine dates refer to cover date not publication date, which is generally several weeks earlier.

      Date       Media Details
2000-12-21 LBC Radio Hugh Bladon.
2000-12-20 BBC Radio Wales Nigel Humphries participating in a phone-in on driving penalties.
2000-12-20 BBC Radio Newcastle Nigel Humphries discussing the government's driving penalties consultation.
2000-12-19 BBC Radio 5 Nigel Humphries in a panel debate on proposed new driving penalties.
2000-12-18 BBC Radio Oxfords/Berks Nigel Humphries on proposed new driving penalties.
2000-12-15 BBC Radio Lincolnshire Nigel Humphries discussing speed cameras with a police officer.
2000-12-15 BBC Radio 5 Nigel Humphries in a panel discussion on transport policy.
2000-12-13 BBC Radio Northamptonshire Nigel Humphries discussing speed cameras with a police officer.
2000-12-08 LBC Radio Nigel Humphries on speed cameras in London, and speed limits.
2000-12-08 BBC Radio WM Nigel Humphries on speed cameras.
2000-11-20 BBC Radio 3 Counties Tony Heathington on Breakfast Show, and Tony Vickers in evening, both re Tories idea to allow left turns at red traffic lights.
2000-11-19 BBC News 24 Tony Vickers on the 'Agenda' programme, in discussion with a Green party member, and a Reading councillor.
2000-10-31 BBC Radio Wales Bernard Abrams contesting green efforts to make political capital out of the recent weather.
2000-10-30 BBC Radio Leeds,
BBC Radio Manchester
Nigel Humphries following up this press release on pot-hole Britain.
2000-10-30 BBC Radio Oxfords/Berks Nigel Humphries discussing fuel prices and the 60 day deadline.
2000-10-23 Belfast Telegraph Article about the ABD in the motoring section.
2000-10-20 LBC Radio Nigel Humphries on how little environmental damage is caused by cars.
2000-10-20 BBC Radio Gloucester Bernard Abrams on reports that the Chancellor is considering fuel tax cuts for rural areas.
2000-10-11 The Times Letter from Bernard Abrams on how speeding fine increases are part of the government's poll tax on wheels.
2000-10-11 BBC Radio Gloucester Bernard Abrams discussing the government's efforts to discredit the recent fuel protests.
2000-10-08 BBC Radio 4 News Brian Gregory featured re speeding and parking fines.
2000-10-07 BBC TV News Brian Gregory featured in a story on the increase in speeding and parking fines.
"The government already earns about 30 to 40 million pounds a year from speed cameras and this is only going to dramatically increase it without having any material effect on road safety whatsoever."
2000-10-01 Sunday Times Hugh Bladon featured in an article about taxation, citing new car registration tax and insurance tax as two new stealth taxes introduced by Gordon Brown.
2000-09-29 BBC Radio Humberside Tony Vickers warning of government efforts to undermine the fuel tax protests by spinning emotive stories about health and pensioners.
2000-09-28 BBC Radio Gloucester Nigel Humphries on government attempts to 'divide and rule' over fuel tax.
2000-09-26 Auto Express
Daily Express
Letter from Bernard Abrams about the fuel tax protests.
2000-09-22 BBC Radio (Eastern counties) Bernard Abrams on the failure of 'car free day', and fuel tax.
2000-08-26 BBC Radio Wales Brian Gregory countering demands by Roadpeace for tougher sentences on drivers involved in fatal accidents, by pointing out the absence of malice aforethought.
2000-08-15 BBC TV South Hugn Bladon on 20 MPH zones in Chichester.
2000-08-15 LBC Radio Tony Vickers supporting a magistrates decision not to prosecute a woman who ate some whisky soaked cake.
2000-08-11 The Record (Scotland) ABD mentioned in an article about cycle lanes being a waste of money in terms of cost per mile versus take-up rate.
BBC News 24
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio Gloucestershire
BBC Radio Suffolk
BBC Radio Three Counties
Channel 5
LBC Radio
Sky News
The Money Channel
Tony Vickers
Tony Vickers
Tony Vickers
Bernard Abrams
Tony Buckle
Hugh Bladon
Tony Vickers
Tony Vickers
Tony Vickers
Tony Vickers
Tony Vickers
Various interviews and discussions on the "Boycott the pumps" campaign.
2000-07-29 BBC Radio Five Nigel Humphries on Late Night Currie discussing speed cameras, hypothecation and speed limits.
2000-07-29 Daily Telegraph ABD given a good reference by 'Honest John'.
2000-07-28 BBC Breakfast News Hugh Bladon on Nottingham's digital speed cameras.
2000-07-28 BBC Radio Oxford Hugh Bladon on speed cameras.
2000-07-21 BBC Radio Bristol Hugh Bladon on the case of Jack Straw's driver being stopped for exceeding the speed limit on the M5.
2000-07-21 BBC Three Counties Radio Hugh Bladon.
2000-07-20 BBC Radio Leeds Hugh Bladon on public transport versus the private car.
2000-07-20 BBC Radio Wales Bernard Abrams in discussion and phone-in on government transport policy.
2000-07-20 BBC Radio Gloucestershire Bernard Abrams on the transport spending review.
2000-07-14 LBC Radio Hugh Bladon talking about the many restrictions on motoring.
2000-07-13 BBC Radio Scotland Nigel Humphries on fuel prices.
2000-07-11 BBC Radio Humberside Hugh Bladon on motorway tolling.
2000-07-11 BBC Three Counties Radio Hugh Bladon on the ABD's Show the Tax campaign.
2000-07-05 BBC Radio Cambridge Hugh Bladon on fuel tax.
2000-07-04 Sky News/CBS Hugh Bladon on fuel tax.
2000-06-30 ITV News Hugh Bladon on the fuel boycott.
2000-06-30 Coastline Radio
(English language station,
Costa del Sol, Spain)
Hugh Bladon on tax, the environment and congestion.
2000-06-29 Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) ABD quoted on the fuel boycott.
2000-06-23 Express & Star (West Mids) Russell Eden quoted in article on fuel tax.
2000-06-22 BBC Radio Cumbria Nigel Humphries on fuel tax.
2000-06-05 Daily Mail Letter on the case of Linda Smart (fined by police for drinking mineral water at traffic lights).
2000-06-03 West Suffolk Mercury ABD's press release on the "Think Road Safety" campaign featured.
2000-06-02 Derby Telegraph ABD's Mark McArthur-Christie extensively quoted in article about speed.
2000-06-01 BBC Radio Leeds Nigel Humphries on the DETR's "Think Road Safety" campaign; and a subsequent phone-in.
2000-06-01 BBC Radio Humberside Nigel Humphries on the goverment's latest road safety campaign.
2000-06 Evo magazine Letter from Bernard Abrams about the dangers of external control of vehicle speed.
2000-06 Max Power magazine ABD mentioned re Suffolk's lower limits leading to more fatalities. Also Mark McArthur-Christie quoted as saying "Drivers are told that speed kills all the time but that just teaches them to switch on their engines and turn off their brains. We need to teach drivers to think"
2000-05-29 LBC Radio Nigel Humphries on driving standards and speed.
2000-05-20 Daily Telegraph ABD mentioned by "Honest John" in connection with the SPECS system.
2000-05-20 BBC Radio 5 Brian Gregory on Late Night Curry discussing proposed workplace parking charges.
2000-05-19 BBC Three Counties Radio Nigel Humphries on police enforcement of speed limits.
2000-05-18 BBC Radio Leicester Nigel Humphries on speed limits.
2000-05-16 BBC Radio Leeds Nigel Humphries on Leeds City Council's help line for drivers caught in congestion.
2000-05 EVO magazine Letter from Bernard Abrams giving ABD website details.
2000-05 User Car Buyer ABD quoted re falling suicide rates due to cleaner exhaust gases.
2000-04-16 BBC Radio 5 Nigel Humphries on Late Night Currie discussing transport policy.
2000-04-02 BBC Radio Scotland Brian Gregory on the pyramid financing of speed cameras.
2000-04 BMW Car Club magazine ABD featured in an article entitled "Stop Whipping The Motorist".
2000-03-31 BBC Radio 1,
BBC Radio 5 Live,
BBC Radio Wales,
BBC Radio Berkshire,
BBC Three Counties Radio
Brian Gregory/Mark McArthur-Cristie on government plans to fund speed cameras from fines under a pyramid financing scheme.
2000-03-22 BBC Three Counties Radio,
BBC Radio Norfolk
Mark McArthur-Cristie on budget petrol tax increases.
2000-03-17 BBC Radio Humberside Nigel Humphries talking about speed limits and Government safety targets.
2000-03-16 BBC Radio Northamptonshire Peter Davies on speed and road safety.
2000-03-11 Daily Telegraph ABD described as "gamely battling against the tide of more restrictions and ever increasing law enforcement." in an article about speed cameras.
2000-03-01 Central TV Bernard Abrams on how the government's focus on speed ignores the causes of over 90% of road accidents
2000-03 What Car ABD quoted on GPS speed limiters.
2000-02-13 BBC Radio Leeds Hugh Bladon on the proposed increase in minimum age for a full licence from 17 to 18.
2000-02-09 Auto Express ABD mentioned by Ray Massey (Motoring correspondent of the Daily Mail) in an article highly critical of the governments "Motorists Forum".
2000-02-03 BBC Radio Nottingham Hugh Bladon on speed, and GPS speed limiters.
2000-02-02 Auto Express Mark McArthur-Cristie quoted on the government's "Motorists Forum" sham.
2000-02 Street Biker Article on Global Warming by Bernard Abrams.
2000-02 BMW Car Club Journal Full page article urging members to join the ABD.
2000-01-27 BBC Radio Cumbria Hugh Bladon on so-called 'road rage'.
2000-01-26 BBC Radio Humberside Hugh Bladon on the time saved by using cars rather than public transport.
2000-01-19 BBC Radio Northamptonshire Mark McArthur-Christie on how accidents are caused by poor driving, not speed.
2000-01-19 BBC Southern Counties Radio Hugh Bladon on pollution, and how congestion is worsened by councils making it diffcult to park.
2000-01-? Central TV Bernard Abrams on "speed kills", road safety and the CPRE's call for 20 mph limits.
2000-01-18 BBC Radio Humberside,
BBC Radio Thames Valley
Mark McArthur-Christie on road tolls.
2000-01-14 Maidenhead Advertiser Two ABD press releases quoted.
2000-01-12 Auto Express ABD quoted re "Fleet Command" car surveillance system
2000-01-12 Autocar Mark McArthur-Christie on the issue of GPS speed limiters
2000-01 Numerous publications Letter from Brian Gregory, ABD Chairman.
2000-01-05 Daily Telegraph Letter from Mark McArthur-Christie re speed limiters. Also in the Electronic Telegraph
2000-01-05 Talk Radio Mark McArthur-Christie on speed limiters.
2000-01 Top Gear magazine Mark McArthur-Christie on the Queen's speech.

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