This list details when ABD spokesmen appeared on TV and Radio, and when the ABD was featured in newspaper and magazine articles, during 2001.
Dates are given in reverse chronological order (most recent first).
Magazine dates refer to cover date not publication date, which is generally several weeks earlier.

      Date       Media Details
2001-12-11 ITN Radio Nigel Humphries on the Gary Hart case.
2001-12-05 Ben Lovejoy on the successful campaign to have speed cameras painted yellow.
2001-11-30 Crimewatch Daily — BBC1 Tony Vickers & Ray Ward in an interview & phone-in on speed cameras.
2001-11-30 Biddulph Chronicle,
Staffs Sentinel
Article on the ABD's clear speed limit singing campaign
2001-11-24 BBC Radio Stoke Dave Hammond on the ABD's clear signing campaign.
2001-11-24 Daily Telegraph Quotes from Tony Vickers in an article by Mike Rutherford about Transport Minister Stephen Byers
2001-11-22 BBC Radio Northamptonshire Dave Hammond on the ABD's clear signing campaign.
2001-11-22 BBC Radio Teesside Dave Hammond on the ABD's clear signing campaign.
2001-11-20 BBC Radio Oxford Nigel Humphries on planned 50mph limits on major motorways.
2001-11-20 TalkSport Radio Brian Gregory on speed limits.
2001-11-19 BBC Radio 5 Tony Vickers commenting on planned 50mph limits on motorways.
2001-11-07 BBC TV East ABD mentioned re Norfolk's blue speed cameras.
2001-11-07 BBC GLR Tony Vickers on plans to continue the Dartford Crossing tolls.
2001-11-07 BBC Radio Norfolk Brian Gregory discussing Norfolk's stealth blue speed cameras.
2001-11-04 Mail on Sunday ABD mentioned in articles about 'bright' speed cameras, and a nuisance traffic survey in London.
2001-10-23 BBC Radio Merseyside Brian Gregory on the misguided suggestion by 'Brake' that mobile phones should be totally banned in vehicles.
2001-10-17 BBC Radio Berkshire John Dean on the proposal to use cameras at Yellow-Box junctions.
2001-10-16 BBC Radio 3 counties Mark McArthur-Christie on plans for cameras at Yellow-Box junctions.
2001-10-11 BBC TV London Tony Vickers on 'stingray' VED cameras.
2001-10-11 BBC Radio Humberside
BBC Radio Kent
BBC Radio 3 counties
Mark McArthur-Christie on 'stingray' VED cameras.
2001-10-02 BBC Radio Leeds Nigel Humphries on bus lanes really being 'no car lanes'.
2001-09-28 BBC Radio Oxford Nigel Humphries on Highways Agency traffic surveys.
2001-09-11 BBC Radio Wales Brian Gregory ridiculing the idea of switiching to driving on the right.
2001-09-09 Talk Radio Brian Gregory discussing road safety with Charlie Wolf.
2001-09-07 LBC Radio Tony Vickers lambasting Ken Livingstone's "No Car lane" scheme.
2001-09-07 BBC London Live Nigel Humphries attacking London's blatant anti-car proposals.
2001-09-07 BBC Radio Oxford
BBC TV South Today
BBC Website
Mark McArthur-Christie on Oxford City Council increasing car park fines to £80.
2001-09-03 BBC Radio Leeds Tony Vickers on bus lanes, and how political correctness adversely affects transport policy.
2001-08-31 BBC Radio Wales Nigel Humphries on the new number plates.
2001-08-31 Daily Mail Ben Lovejoy quoted in an article about fiddling accident figures to justify anti-car measures
2001-08-31 BBC Wiltshire Sound Tony Vickers on speed cameras
2001-08-29 Motorcycle News Ben Lovejoy quoted in an article about the government fiddling speed camera statistics.
2001-08-27 BBC London Live Nigel Humphries on bus lanes and priority signalling for buses.
2001-08-26 BBC Radio 5 Live Nigel Humphries debating on the Edwina Currie programme with some academic about the “social consequences of hyper mobility”
2001-08-26 Observer Nigel Humphries quoted in front page article entitled “War on the car sparks driver rage”.
2001-08-23 Talk Radio John Dean broadening a discussion on caravans to wider issues.
2001-08-23 BBC Radio 5 Tony Vickers discussing cars with anti-roads campaigner Nina Tuckman.
2001-08-23 Channel 4 News,
BBC Radio London Live
Tony Vickers on the story of Supt Roberts of Cleveland Police who was let off a speed camera prosecution because he couldn't remember who was driving the car.
2001-08-20 Max Power Article by Mark McArthur-Christie on the anti-car nanny state.
2001-08-20 BBC Radio Oxford,
BBC TV South
Bernard Abrams on speed cameras.
2001-08-20 BBC Radio Leeds Hugh Bladon on proposed new powers for traffic wardens; and the wedge being driven between the motorist and the police.
2001-08-20 The Sun Tony Vickers quoted in article entitled 'War on the Motorist".
2001-08-14 BBC Radio Derby Russell Eden on speed cameras.
2001-08-14 The Sun Russell Eden quoted in an article about the big '1/3 of accidents caused by speed' fib.
2001-08-13 Late Night London, ITV Tony Vickers debating the war declared on motorists.
2001-08-13 BBC Radio Oxford John Dean on further parking charge increases in Oxford.
2001-08-13 ITV Teletext Quote from Bernard Abrams re false claims about speed camera trial success.
2001-08-13 BBC Radio Leeds,
BBC News 24,
BBC Radio 2
  (Johnny Walker show),
Wrexhem Evening Gazette,
Commercial Motor News
Tony Vickers on speed cameras.
2001-08-13 BBC Radio Oxford Bernard Abrams on plans for yet more speed cameras.
2001-08-13 BBC Radio 1 Mark McArthur-Christie on plans for yet more speed cameras.
2001-08-13 Gloucester Citizen Letter from Bernard Abrams about how few accidents are caused by speed.
2001-08-09 BBC Radio Suffolk Bernard Abrams on speed cameras wrongly accusing drivers when they were nowhere near.
2001-08-07 BBC Radio WM Bernard Abrams on a West Midlands Police plan to charge owners of recovered stolen cars £100 to get them back following DNA testing.
2001-08-07 BBC Radio Humberside Bernard Abrams on speed humps causing additional pollution, and damage to vehicles & buildings.
2001-08-07 BBC Radio Northamtonshire Mark McArthur-Christie on the report that speed humps increase pollution.
2001-08-07 BBC Radio 3 Counties John Dean on speed humps and pollution.
2001-08-06 BBC Radio 5,
BBC London Live
John Dean talking about a TRL report that shows how speed humps increase pollution.
2001-08-03 Daily Mail Quotes from ABD spokesmen in an article on petrol company profits, and in another about insurance premium rises.
2001-08-02 Tonight with Trevor MacDonald
Brian Gregory on speed cameras.
2001-08-02 BBC Radio Berkshire Tony Vickers on speed cameras.
2001-08-02 BBC Radio Oxfordshire Bernard Abrams on 'bright GATSOs'.
2001-08-02 BBC Radio Lancashire Ben Lovejoy on speed cameras.
2001-08-02 BBC Radio Essex Tony Vickers on the ABD's See It Miss It campaign..
2001-08-02 BBC Radio Sheffield Hugh Bladon discussing speed cameras and speed limits, with a local police officer who admitted he would have exceeded a speed limit on his way to work.
2001-08-02 BBC Radio Wales Nigel Humphries discussing speed cameras.
2001-08-01 London Evening Standard Article about the ABD's opposition to proposed London road tolls.
2001-08-01 Local Transport Today
(Trade paper for local councils)
ABD quoted in article about how speed cameras have become a sensitive matter for the Government.
2001-08 Autocar ABD PR299 (British Columbia scraps speed cameras) featured in Steve Cropley's 'Motoring Week' column.
2001-07-31 LBC Radio Tony Vickers on London's congestion charging plans.
2001-07-30 BBC 3 Counties Radio Tony Vickers discussing speed.
2001-07-19 BBC Radio Leeds Tony Vickers talking about a gadget that is supposed to keep drivers awake.
2001-07-18 BBC Radio Newcastle Brian Gregory interviewed about speed cameras.
2001-07-17 BBC Radio Three Counties Nigel Humphries arguing that cars are still the best choice for many short journeys.
2001-07-17 BBC Radio Wales Hugh Bladon on parking issues.
2001-07-16 BBC Radio Northamptonshire Nigel Humphries on proposed heavy fines and prison for drivers who threaten or make abusive gestures to officials or police operating speed traps.
Said how this demonstrated the loss of public support for the scheme; targeting through traffic to avoid antagonising locals; balance the police had to make between their duty to enforce the law and the need to retain public support.
2001-07-14 BBC Radio Solent John Dean discussing congestion charging
2001-07-14 Daily Mail Comments from Brian Gregory in an article about plans by Northamptonshire Police to use motorcyclists to chase down drivers who give the V sign to speed camera crews.
2001-07-13 Daily Mail Mark McArthur-Christie quoted in an article on the nanny state telling us not to use our cars for short journeys.
2001-07-13 Surrey-Hants Star John Dean quoted in article on speed,
along with Aldershot MP Gerald Howarth who accused police of being "over zealous".
2001-07-13 Stourbridge News No less than 3 ABD press releases featured.
2001-07-10 BBC TV News South East Tony Vickers on Ken Livingstone's proposal for a £5 charge to drive into London
2001-07-10 BBC Radio 2
Jimmy Young show
Mark McArthur-Christie talking about congestion charging in London, following an interview with Ken Livingstone
2001-07-10 BBC Radio 4 — You & Yours Sound clip of ABD spokesman Tony Vickers featured in an otherwise biased programme about speed cameras
2001-07-10 Daily Mail Quote from Brian Gregory in article on congestion charging
2001-07-09 BBC Radio Leicester Bernard Abrams on speed limits & speed cameras
2001-07-08 Talk Radio Bernard Abrams on the attitude of the police to motorists
2001-07-06 BBC Radio Manchester Mark McArthur-Christie on the digital speed cameras on the M6 in Cheshire
2001-07-05 BBC Radio 4 Tony Vickers featured on "You & Yours" re speed cameras
2001-07-03 BBC Radio Lincolnshire Nigel Humphries on speed cameras
2001-07-02 BBC Radio Lincolnshire Mark McArthur-Christie on the government's new anti-speed TV adverts
2001-07-01 LBC Radio Bernard Abrams on plans to increase the number of speed cameras
2001-06-29 BBC Radio Oxforshire Mark McArthur-Christie discussing Motorway service areas
2001-06-29 BBC Radio Leeds Nigel Humphries discussing poor motorway service areas following an AA report about them
2001-06-29 BBC Radio Sheffield Russell Eden on motorway service areas. Called for more rest areas.
2001-06-26 BBC Radio Three Counties Tony Vickers on parking cameras
2001-06-26 Central TV News Bernard Abrams on speed cameras
2001-06-26 BBC Radio Berkshire Mark McArthur-Christie on plans to use cameras to enforce parking regulations
2001-06-26 BBC Radio Oxfordshire Nigel Humphries on parking cameras
2001-06-26 The Sun Several ABD spokesmen quoted in full page article about the police ripping off drivers
2001-06-26 The Independent ABD mentioned in article about speed cameras
2001-06-25 Talk Radio Brian Gregory on speed cameras
2001-06-25 Daily Mail Comments from Brian Gregory and Tony Vickers in an article about Speed Camera Tyrant Richard Brunstrom
2001-06-25 Car News (Australia) ABD PR 296 featured in Australian car magazine
2001-06-21 Top Gear BBC2 Russell Eden featured in a story about speed cameras.
2001-06-20 LBC Radio Nigel Humphries talking about the fact Stephen Byers does not have a driving licence.
2001-06-14 BBC Radio Humberside Tony Vickers on petrol prices.
2001-06-14 Daily Mail Quote from the ABD's Tony Vickers used for front page headline.
"We're the mugs of Europe. We put up with the Chancellor's taxes and the oil giants' profiteering. We just sit and take it. The only time they took any notice was when they were faced with a massive protest. Maybe its time they were taught a lesson again."
2001-06-13 Talk Radio Mark McArthur-Christie on SVDD SPECS digital speed cameras.
2001-06-13 BBC Radio Solent John Dean on the ABD's Proposed Outer London Orbital.
2001-06-11 ITN,
Channel 4 news
Mark McArthur-Christie on the proposed proliferation of speed cameras.
2001-06-08 BBC Radio Wales Nigel Humphries discussing speed with Kevin Delaney of the RAC Foundation, and Warwickshire Chief Constable John Birkbeck.
2001-05-31 Talk Sport Ben Lovejoy discussing the problem of uninsured drivers.
2001-05-30 BBC Radio Northamptonshire Mark McArthur-Christie on the proposed 80mph motorway speed limit.
2001-05-29 BBC Radio Stoke Mark McArthur-Christie on motorway speed limits.
2001-05-29 BBC Radio Merseyside Brian Gregory discussing the raising of motorway speed limits.
2001-05-29 Western Daily Press Article on the increased cost of driving featuring comment by the ABD's Mark McArthur-Christie.
2001-05-29 BBC Radio Leeds Mark McArthur-Christie on motorway speed limits.
2001-05-26 Daily Mail ABD quoted in article on fuel prices.
2001-05-25 BBC Radio Three Counties,
Channel 4 News,
Daily Mail
Tony Vickers on car insurance premiums.
2001-05-25 BBC Radio Leeds Russell Eden on rising car insurance.
2001-05-25 Talk FM,
BBC Wiltshire
Nigel Humphries on car insurance premiums & related transport policy issues.
2001-05-22 Newsnight BBC2 Russell Eden in a discussion on transport, also involving Transport Minister Lord Macdonald.
2001-05-22 BBC Radio Berkshire,
BBC Radio Three Counties
Tony Vickers on speeding ticket quotas.
2001-05-21 BBC Radio Humberside Nigel Humphries on how police are targetting motorists instead of criminals.
2001-05-21 South West TV Tony Vickers on the Proposed Outer London Orbital.
2001-05-19 Daily Mail Brian Grgeory on police admissions that they have quotas for driving offences.
2001-05-18 BBC Radio 4 'You & Yours' Mark McArthur-Christie discussing speed limits with Zoë Stowe of Roadpeace.
2001-05-17 BBC Website Nigel Humphries featured in a BBC webcast on transport issues.
(Nigel appears towards the end of the 36 minute broadcast)
2001-05-15 BBC Radio WM Mark McArthur-Christie on speed cameras and speed limits.
A police traffic officer phoned in to say that speed cameras have absolutely no use as a road safety tool, but are there to raise cash.
2001-05-15 Meridian TV Tony Vickers on the Proposed Outer London Orbital.
2001-05-06 BBC TV SE Breakfast Edition ABD's Proposed Outer London Orbital mentioned. See our Press Release 286
2001-05-06 BBC Radio Essex Tony Vickers on the Proposed Outer London Orbital
2001-05-06 BBC Radio Kent Nigel Humphries on the Proposed Outer London Orbital
2001-05-04 Heart FM (London) Brian Gregory on the Proposed Outer London Orbital
2001-05-03 BBC Three Counties Radio Brian Gregory on the Proposed Outer London Orbital
2001-04-30 BBC Radio Wales Hugh Bladon on public transport in Wales.
said the ABD has no problem with public transport, but objects to people being forced or coerced into it.
2001-04-20 BBC Radio 3 Counties Mark McArthur-Christie discussing the RAC sign survey with presenter Steven Rhodes.
2001-04-19 BBC Radio Humberside Bernard Abrams discussing 'car free days'.
2001-04-18 BBC Radio Lincolnshire Bernard Abrams discussing Road Safety Week and speed with Inspector Burgess of Lincolnshire Police.
2001-04-13 BBC Radio Lincolnshire Tony Vickers on the 'Rod Whiting Show' discussing Road Safety Awareness Week.
2001-04 Top Gear magazine ABD mentioned by Tiff Needell in an article attacking the 'speed kills' mantra, and the government's proposed traffic penalties.
2001-03-26 BBC Radio Newcastle Nigel Humphries on proposed 20mph limits in Sunderland town centre.
2001-03-13 BBC Radio Oxfordshire Mark McArthur-Christie on how the 'Oxford Transport Strategy' has caused (at least) one local trader to go bust.
2001-03-12 Wilts & Gloucs standard Featured ABD press release 277 concerning the CPRE moaning about lower speed limits not being implemented quickly enough.
2001-03-08 BBC Radio Humberside Mark McArthur-Christie on the budget.
2001-03-07 BBC Radio Oxfordshire Mark McArthur-Christie in a panel discussion on the budget.
2001-03-07 ITN Evening News Tony Vickers on the budget.
Reminded the public that this government has been more hostile to motorists than any other
2001-02-22 BBC Radio Gloucester Nigel Humphries on Gordon Brown's three month fuel tax cut.
"This is more than a blatant electioneering trick — the Government are running scared of public opinion on this issue."
2001-02-22 London Talk Radio
BBC Radio Humberside
BBC London Live
BBC 3 Counties Radio
BBC eastern region
Tony Vickers on John Prescott's latest silly idea: multi-occupancy vehicle lanes on motorways.
2001-02-22 Metro newspaper ABD quoted in article regarding police destroying video evidence of speeding offences.
2001-02-17 Today, BBC Radio 4 Hugh Bladon discussing a report by pressure group 'BRAKE'.
BRAKE spokesperson Mary Williams claimed a 1mph reduction in speed reduces accident risk by 5%.
This patently absurd claim is analyzed in detail here.
Hugh pointed out that 84% of pedestrian accidents are due to pedestrian error.
2001-02-12 BBC Radio Leeds Nigel Humphries on Huddersfied Council making car park users type in the first three digits of their registration numbers so that they couldn't pass unexpired time onto anyone else.
Lambasted as a penalty on one of the rare courtesies left in modern Britain.
2001-02-07 BBC Radio Berkshire Hugh Bladon on speed camera proliferation.
2001-02 EVO magazine Nigel Humphries quoted on the new proposals for "speeding" penalties.
2001-02 BMW Car Club magazine Article headed "Speed Cameras — helpful or hindrance" outlining ABD view.
2001-01-16 BBC Radio Oxford Nigel Humphries talking about the M40.
2001-01-13 AutoCar Nigel Humphries on the new penalty proposals.
"Speed in itself does not kill; this was proved by Jack Straw's driver getting away with 103mph. We want safer roads, too, but not by hammering experienced drivers."
2001-01-12 BBC Radio Oxford
BBC Radio Humberside
Hugh Bladon on the driver fined £30 for leaving his engine running outside his own house in a small Gloucestershire village.
2001-01-10 BBC Radio Wales Nigel Humphries on rising insurance premiums
2001-01-09 BBC Radio Leeds Nigel Humphries on police demands for more powers to deal with drink drivers.
"police have enough powers at the moment, and they should use them more rather than waste time pointlessly enforcing ridiculous speed limits to make up the numbers"
2001-01-04 BBC Radio WM Hugh Bladon on plans to charge drivers to enter towns.
2001-01-03 Daily Mail Hugh Bladon quoted in article about charging drivers to enter towns.

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