2005 Dec 23
to Spy
on all
The Home Office has announced its intention to abuse technology to spy on all drivers 24 hours a day. By networking CCTV and other spy cameras, capable of reading registration plates, the police will now spy on everyone wherever they go.
Before long they'll be recruiting your neighbour to spy on you too.

The Independent — Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey
The Scotsman — Police to monitor car journeys across UK

2005 Dec 16
The vice-chairman of the Police Federation, Alan Gordon, has launched a stinging attack on government road policing policy. He first attacked Home Office minister Caroline Flint for claiming any police officer could enforce traffic legislation.
“Do the government seriosly believe that officers can simply switch from general beat duties to roads policing in an instant? ... To think that officers operating under the demands of 24/7 reactive policing have the time to enforce road legislation is not only naive in the extreme — it beggers belief.”
He went on to attack speed cameras:
“The irresponsible siting of speed camera for income generation has been a highly effective means of eroding public support for the police. Their benefits are strictly limited to speeding offences and do nothing to tackle the array of other dangerous driving offences.”
Refering to plans to replace police officers with Highways Agency staff he said:
“The government must recognise that only police officers have the skills, training and experience to police the roads. Only police officres have the unique terms and conditions to do so in a politically independent and impartial manner.”

POLICE Dec 2005 [pdf]

2005 Nov 14
Hope that Meredydd Hughes (the replacement for Richard Brunstrom as head of ACPO traffic policing) would herald a new era of sensible and reasonable road policing is fading. The Sunday Times has obtained an ACPO strategy document which reveals Hughes wants spy cameras every 400yards on motorways to track drivers 24 hours a day.
ACPO try to defend the plans by claiming the ANPR network will target criminals, despite admitting it is already being used to enforce speed limits on the M42. What they fail to understand is that law-abiding drivers no longer trust the police.

Sunday Times — Spy Cameras To Spot Driversí Every Move

2005 Nov 5
to be
According to The Times, the Department of Transport is set to announce a major change in the way speed cameras are operated. Ministers have finally accepted that the current scheme has resulted in widespread distrust.
• The practice of recycling speeding fines to fund increasing numbers of cameras ('hypothecation') is to be abolished.
• Revenue from fines will be collected centrally and distributed among the partnerships for use in all aspects of road safety.
• The partnerships will be able to use the money to make junctions safer and to improve the visibility of signs and road markings.
• Camera partnerships will be ordered to consider every other option for improving safety before they can install a camera.
Lincolnshire has been cited as an example of 'good practice' as they have reduced casualties without increasing the number of speed cameras.
The bad news (you knew there had to be some) is that police will be given greater freedom to use speed cameras where there have not been accidents previously, simply in response to 'community concern' (aka whingers).

The Times — March of Speed Cameras Halted
ABD PR — Camera Re-Structure Only Scratches the Surface

2005 Oct 11
The great-neice of Catseyes inventor Percy Shaw has condemned plans to hide speed cameras in them.
Glenda Shaw said:
"He invented Catseyes as a way of getting home safely. This is becoming a Big Brother state. The Catseyes don't seem to be on the roads just as a safety measure any more — this is all revenue driven."
Calderdale's Road Safety Officer agreed:
"I think the Catseye cameras are a bit sneaky."
And even the local speed camera partnership don't want them, boss Philip Gwynne said:
"This is the first time we've heard about this kind of technology and there are no plans for this to be introduced in West Yorkshire. We can't imagine it being approved in the UK because it flies in the face of the ethos of safety cameras. They're meant to be a highly-visible deterrent designed to reduce vehicle speed on notorious roads where people are killed."

Halifax Today — Percy 'Never intended Catseye spies'

2005 Sep 23
BMW Boss
The head of BMW in the UK has condemned the London Congestion Charge, stating that the charge alone costs the Park Lane dealership £300,000 a year despite being just 25 yards inside the charging zone. With an additional £700,000 for parking costs, a full-time member of staff is needed just to cope with the bureaucracy.
Jim O'Donnell warned that the charge will drive independent businesses out of central London altogether by the time of the Olympics.
He said that BMW was being priced out of doing business in London.

Daily Telegraph — Charge 'is driving retailers out of London'

2005 Sep 13
Speed Cameras
Raise £22M
Per Year
for Treasury
The conservative party have obtained data under the Freedom of Information Act that shows H.M.Treasury is making £22M pounds per year profit from speed cameras.
A total of £114M is extorted from drivers, £92M of which is spent running the camera bureaucracies, with the government siphoning off the remaining £22M for purposes not even remotely related to road safety.

Conservatives — Duncan: Treasury is siphoning off speed camera cash

2005 Sep 13
Poland Acts
on Fuel Tax
Whilst Brown Acts Like Nero
The Polish government, who clearly want their country to go forward rather than backward, is to cut duty on fuel by 0.25 Zloty per litre (4.3p) from September 15th. This represents a 15% reduction from the current tax of 1.57 Zloty (26.9p).
The Hungarian government has also acted by bringing forward a fuel tax cut that had been planned for 2006.
Meanwhile in the UK — with a fuel tax of 47.1p per litre — Chancellor Gordon Brown is continuing his impression of the Emperor Nero.

Warsaw Business Journal — Petrol tax U-turn for growth

2005 Sep 8
Tries to
John Prescott, the eminent historian and scientist of world repute, has pronounced that Hurricane Katrina was a consequence of the US not signing up to Kyoto.
The fact that such storms have happened long before environmentalism was invented, and that overall hurricane activity is actually decreasing don't seem to concern him.
We couldn't sum it up better than Professor Philip Stott, Professor of Biogeography, University of London, who wrote in The Times of November 2000:
“The attempts of environmentalists to bolster the myth of human-induced 'global warming' by the cynical, nay gleeful, exploitation of non-equilibrium climatic events is downright immoral.”

The Scotsman — Prescott under fire for Kyoto jibe on Katrina

2005 Sep 8
New Orleans
It has been revealed that as long ago as 1977 green campaigners prevented the construction of two floodgates that were intended to prevent storms in the Gulf of Mexico from causing Lake Pontchartrain to flood New Orleans.
Environmentalists claimed that the floodgates would have damaged the lake's eco-system.

Front Page Mag — New Orleans: A Green Genocide

2005 Aug 12
Not content with surveillance cameras everywhere and threats of satellite based road tolling and speed control, the government is planning another step in it's relentless drive to turn Britain into a police state.
The latest weapon on the drawing board is microchips embedded in registration plates. This will allow sensors to read plates from up to 300 feet away and thus track the movement of every vehicle around the country.
If this happens, we'd advise drivers to take care when fitting their number plates to ensure they don't accidentally drill a hole through the chip — which might not make it work too well.

Wired — Brit License Plates Get Chipped

2005 Jul 25
Former rally driver Ari Vatanen, now an MEP, has attacked the EU's transport policy, branding it 'utopian'.
He stated that plans to shift the focus from road to rail is inspired by "an extremely expensive and inefficient utopian ideal".
“Cars are the social transport of our time, allowing citizens to pursue many different activities during the same day (including work) and therefore contribute to quality of life."”

EurActiv — Ari Vatanen slams "utopian" EU transport policy

2005 Jul 7
Only a month after announcing plans for nationwide road charging, Alistair Darling has scrapped plans for a trial road charging scheme in 2008 involving lorries, claiming it would cost too much to implement.
Estimates had suggested a £2 billion cost for the lorry scheme alone.
A similar scheme attempted in Germany has lost the government billions of pounds in revenue, and running costs take up 20% of current revenue.

The Times — Toll plan crashes over cost of pilot scheme

2005 Jun 23
A Leicestershire man has been handed a speeding fine after he was caught doing 61mph in a 50mph zone whilst rushing his pregnant wife to hospital. The baby was born a few minutes after reaching hospital.
The road was undoubtedly 60mph until a few years ago anyway, but the pigheaded bureaucrats have refused to use any common sense whatsoever.
No doubt they'd have been happy if they couple had not made it to the hospital on time and the baby had died.
A case of 'Slow Down For Death'.

Leicester Mercury — Labour Pains Shouldn't Include Speeding Fine!

email the Leicestershire Safety Camera Pratnership with your thoughts on this: info@speedorsafety.com
2005 Jun 23
Cock Up
The London Safety Camera Partnership will have to refund points and fines to 5,600 motorists after making the incredulous mistake of placing a SPECS speed camera on Lower Thames Street outside the already stupid 20mph zone it was supposed to be enforcing.
The pratnership faces claims for compensation from anyone who may have lost their driving licence, and possibly their job, due to the latest in a growing number of cases of Talivan incompetence.

Evening Standard — Speed trap fines are scrapped in blunder
SafeSpeed — London folly - speed camera operations descend into chaos

The cameras record the vehicle registration before it enters the absurd 20mph zone.
2005 Jun 6
Trip Hit
By Ice
An expedition by two Greenpeace campaigners to prove how the Arctic is melting has been thwarted — by heavy snow and ice conditions. A few aggressive polar bears did a good job too.
Most of the media, not wishing the public to realise their complicity with the global warming conspiracy, have kept quite about it.

Planet Ark — Harsh Weather Cuts Greenpeace Arctic Voyage Short

2005 Jun 1
Freedom of
A speed camera partnership has become the first to have a decision against it under the Freedom of Information Act.
This comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen how these dishonest quangos try to conceal everything.
Lothian & Borders Safety Camera partnership tried to fob off a motorist who requested a calibration certificate for a speed camera. They told him it was evidence and couldn't be sent out, then said it was available on their website when it wasn't. The commissioner told them that wouldn't have been good enough anyway, as not everyone has internet access. Eventually the pratnership said they'd "made a mistake" and sent it out.

OutLaw.com — Speed camera team broke Freedom of Information law

2005 May 18
Speed &
Red Light
The Ohio state House of Representatives has passed a bill effectively banning the use of unmanned speed cameras and red light cameras.
New legislation will only allow the devices to be used when a police officer is present to witness the offence and issue the citation to the driver.
There have been many examples of erroneous automated fines and an increase in accidents (particularly rear-end accidents) at some junctions.

The Newspaper — Ohio House Votes to Ban Red Light Cameras
Ohio General Assembly — Bill HB56

2005 Apr 21
Up 25%
Tolls on the Forth Road Bridge are to rise 25% from 80p to £1.00.
Six times more money is taken from drivers in VED and fuel tax than is currently spent on Britain's roads. There is more than enough money for the government to pay for bridge maintenance out of the general roads budget, and scrap the tolls altogether.

BBC — Bridge toll rise to be confirmed
ABD Scotland
National Alliance Against Tolls — Scotland

2005 Apr 18
The East Anglian Daily Times has exposed as a lie claims that the new speed cameras on the A12 are justified by accidents. Using the Freedom of Information Act, they have obtained information that proves none of the accidents cited as justification for the cameras involved excessive speed.
The ABD has long known that many speed camera partnerships use this tactic. It is evidenced by the fact that most simply refuse to give out data about accidents.

EADT inquiry into speed camera site
ABD Essex

2005 Apr 8
calls for
55mph limit
The European Energy Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, has called for a 55mph speed limit to be imposed on all roads across Europe. He claims this will save oil.

EU Observer — Energy Commissioner backs reduced speed limits
EU — Andris Piebalgs
Wikipedia — Andris Piebalgs

2005 Apr 1
For Whom The Bell Tolls
In London, Ken Livingstone chose April Fool's day to announce that he is increasing the London Anti-Car Tax from £5 to £8 on July 4th.
"Retailers and service businesses know to their cost that it is driving passing trade away from the centre of London."
Dan Bridgett, London Chamber of Commerce

BBC — Congestion charge increases to £8
BBC — Dismay at congestion charge hike

A week earlier and 500 miles north, it was announced that the scrapping of the toll to drive onto the Isle of Skye, has resulted in a 33% increase in visitors. This news has delighted the people of Skye who depend upon tourism for much of their livelyhood.
"We are delighted to see this increase in numbers crossing the bridge ... we are confident that ... this will result in a growth in tourism."
Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board
Scottish Highlands

The Scotsman — Hundreds more going toll-free over the bridge to Skye

2005 Mar 18
SPECS digital speed cameras, which have become known as 'yellow vultures' due to their resemblance to said birds when perched over the road, are to be installed on the A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge. This long, mostly straight dual carriageway is notorious for congestion at peak times and is NSLA enforced by several Gatsos. Clearly these are not making enough money so they plan to install the yellow vultures. Accidents are caused by the congestion, and at quite times it is perfectly safe to do more than 70mph.
One recent accident occured when a car veered off the road and crashed into a lorry parked in a layby. The dim-witted must-do-something solution to this freak accident? Close the layby.

Cambridge Evening News — New speed cameras 'will cause accidents'
CEN — Speed cameras are among the short-term measures promised.
Speedcheck (makers of SPECS)

SPECS cameras perched above the A616 in South Yorkshire
2005 Feb 28
The programme "Inside Out" broadcast on BBC South West has exposed inaccuracies in the laser speed measuring devices used by the police.
  • Former police officer Paul Cox, had his speeding case thrown out after he was able to prove that he was driving a car with its speed limiter set to just below 70mph. A police laser gun had recorded 90mph.
  • A South Wales Police video showed the speed of a vehicle to be in the opposite direction from that in which it was actually travelling.
  • The BBC found that a police laser gun claimed a brick wall was travelling at 58mph.

BBC — Mobile Speed Cameras

2005 Feb 22
Congestion Charge
A huge majority has voted 'No' to congestion charging in Edinburgh. The city council had wanted to impose a £2 charge on entering the city through two charging zones. The voters of Edinburgh have refused to listen to the propaganda churned out by the anti-car biased council with almost three quarters saying 'No'.
£9 million of tax payers money has been wasted on the plans and propaganda.
The Liberal Democrats called on the city council leader and transport boss to resign.
133,678 people voted 'Yes', and 45,965 'No'.
The turnout of 62% was higher than that in a general election, indicating the strength of feeling in Edinburgh against the council.
"The idea is now dead and buried for Edinburgh."
Donald Anderson, Leader of Edinburgh City Council

Anti-car fanatic David Begg said ministers had made it too difficult for the council to get its charging scheme approved, with conditions such as requiring public support to be shown.
— Good grief, we can't have that in a democracy can we Mr Begg?
One of Alistair Darling's advisors is quoted as saying:
"I've lost faith in democracy. Just because the public don't like things doesn't mean they're wrong."
With advisors like that no wonder the country's transport system is in such a mess.
"If there was a referendum anywhere in Britain on this issue you would get a similar result and it is about time the politicians listened to the voice of the people and scrapped all tolls and plans for tolls."
John McGoldrick, National Alliance Against Tolls

ABD — Edinburgh Delivers Body Blow to Road Pricing
The Scotsman — 'No' vote brings congestion charge bid to grinding halt
The Scotsman — Edinburgh says No
The Scotsman — Bold move a faller at first cordon
The Scotsman — How six years' planning came to nothing
BBC — Edinburgh rejects congestion plan
Guardian — Other cities 'years away from toll plans'

2005 Jan 26
WEF gags
The World Economic Forum has prevented Andrey Illarionov speaking in a debate on climate change against the British government's scientific advisor, Sir David King.
Illarionov is an economic advisor to President Putin, and has long been an outspoken critic of the Kyoto Protocol.
Illarionov has now refused to attend the WEF meeting in Switzerland in protest at what he describes as a 'policy of censorship'.
"A ban from participating in a discussion — expressing a position shared by thousands of scientists and specialists in the field across the globe — is nothing but the introduction of censorship."

Moscow Times — Illarionov Ditches Davos Forum
Gateway 2 Russia — Russian presidential aide accuses Britain of Davos censorship

2005 Jan 22
Hurricane expert Chris Landsea has withdraw from participating in the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, after IPCC lead author Kevin Trenberth spouted unfounded rubbish about hurricanes which bore no relation to actual data provided by Landsea.
At a press conference Trenberth claimed that recent Atlantic hurricane activity has been due to global warming, yet no such evidence exists. The IPCC dismissed Landsea's concerns about misrepresentation of climate science leaving him with no choice but to quit.
Chris Landsea works for the Hurricane Research Division, Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory, NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration).
He joins the growing band of reputable scientists who are washing their hands of any connection with the global warming conspiracy.

Statement by Chris Landsea

2005 Jan 08
Three Scottish local authorities are set to challenge the Edinburgh Congestion Charge in court.
Fife, Midlothian, and West Lothian councils say that Edinburgh City Council has exceeded its legal authority.
Under current plans people living outside the charging zone but in Edinburgh will be exempt, whilst those living an equal distance outside the zone in other areas are not. This is a blatant attempt by Edinburgh City Council to bribe the electorate in order to sway the result of the referendum due to be held in February.
As happened in London, democracy has been flushed down the toilet, because those people who live outside the city and drive in will not be allowed to vote on the issue.

BBC — Way cleared for toll challenge
The Scotsman — Legal challenge to road tolls plan gets the go-ahead
ABD — Edinburgh

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