Press Release: Targeting Cars to Solve ‘Pollution Problems’ Was Never the Answer

The ABD welcomes so called ‘weakening’ of the government’s stance against petrol and diesel engines (1).  Despite much media hype the vast majority of petrol and diesel cars that do significant mileages are clean modern vehicles. Car emissions are a tiny and fast diminishing part of overall pollution which comes from many sources in modern life including many that originate in our modern insulated homes.

Much of the recent hype has resulted from hysterical claims of ‘multiple premature deaths’ from pollution.  The clue is in the word ‘premature’ and actual number of hours or days that a life is supposedly shortened by are never stated.  The truth is that if we stopped all industry, all heating, all trade and all transport there would still be pollution from natural sources.  We may live a few extra hours from the cleaner air but would die from cold and malnutrition far earlier instead.  We need to remind ourselves that whilst there may be minimal negative trade-offs from modern living, the benefits outweigh these many fold. Some common sense needs to return to the table.


2 thoughts on “Press Release: Targeting Cars to Solve ‘Pollution Problems’ Was Never the Answer”

  1. Despite my protests there are many on social media that still consider carbon dioxide at 400ppm to be a pollutant. What kind of schools did these people go to?

  2. The whole thing is a bit of a red herring. Despite all the press hype, all the government ever said was that cars must have some form of hybrid capability by 2040. The next Fiat 500 for example will have a little generator in the stop/start system (already standard on most cars) that will charge a booster battery that will help acceleration. Such relatively cheap and simple devices will suffice and quite rightly so. There is no need to ban anything.

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