Press Release: The Police Need to Regain Trust of The Public By Changing Their Priorities

According to figures recently released, only 445,000 of the 4.6 million crimes committed in the last year in England and Wales resulted in prosecution.  Yet over 2 million motorists were pursued for exceeding a speed limit.  The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) suggests that the police really need to get their priorities right.  When the only contact most people have with the police is when they are pointing a speed gun at you, usually on a safe stretch of road with a speed limit that is set too low, is it any wonder respect is at an all-time low?  We are now seeing a generation of children brought up with this situation, hearing their parents cursing the police as they slam on the brakes.

The ABD has already highlighted the problem with the false targeting of speed enforcement, ignoring dangerous driving and favouring those sites than can generate mass prosecutions. (1)

We have also highlighted the fact that speed awareness courses are not making drivers safer.  Incredibly we are even told that isn’t their intent.  (2)

Despite the endless propaganda hardly any crashes are caused by sober, otherwise legal drivers traveling a few MPH over the speed limit. The vast majority of so called ‘speeding’ crashes are caused by drunk/drugged/stolen or very high reckless speeds/racing (3) The police need to finally admit the truth and start catching real criminals.

What has been happening is an enormous diversion of resources in both the police and criminal justice system from the pursuit and prosecution of real criminals to “crimes” that can generate money. Is it surprise that crime figures of all kinds are ballooning to record levels?



2 thoughts on “Press Release: The Police Need to Regain Trust of The Public By Changing Their Priorities”

  1. Agree entirely. Once upon a time I respected the police, but now I regard them as the enemy.

  2. Indeed. I can remember my father, an expert, courteous driver who never had an accident in his whole driving career and who was a fine, upstanding law abiding citizen in all other respects cursing the police who used to stand with their speed guns on the straightest, safest stretch of road in the locality, usually on sunny days. This was long before the days of cameras but it certainly instilled in me a degree of contempt for authority that I probably wouldn’t otherwise have had. When one sees such blatant attempts to enforce a law where most people see it as nonsensical, just because it’s the law, can never have a positive effect, especially when you know that just down the road people are tearing down narrow, residential roads with parked cars and being totally ignored just because there are fewer so called ‘offenders’.

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