With ever more strident calls for environmental or safety related charges and restrictions on motorists, how do the facts stand up to close scrutiny? How well informed are you about the issues which affect car drivers? This light-hearted quiz (which has a serious message) was put together by Bernard Abrams of the Association of British Drivers. After adding up your score, you might want to contact the ABD for further information, or to join.

Q1 Air quality in the UK has been improving for many years and is forecast to go on improving into the millennium. True or false?

a) true
b) false

Q2 What fraction of total carbon dioxide emissions comes from transport sources?

a) more than 95%
b) 60%
c) 9%
d) less than 1%

Q3 Which of these is the most important greenhouse gas?

a) nitrogen
b) oxygen
c) carbon dioxide
d) water vapour

Q4 The particulate emissions from one diesel engined bus are equivalent to

a) 8 cars
b) 28 cars
c) 108 cars
d) 128 cars

Q5 Emissions of NOx gases (per km) from one diesel engined bus are equivalent to

a) 9 cars
b) 19 cars
c) 29 cars
d) 39 cars

Q6 How does pollution in the home compare with city smog?

a) city smog is 100 times more polluted than air in the average home
b) city smog is 10 times more polluted than air in the average home
c) city smog and the air in an average home are equally polluted
d) air in the average home is 10 times more polluted than city smog

Q7 According to reports from the National Asthma Council and the British Allergy Foundation, rising asthma levels are due to

a) transport emissions
b) house dust mite
c) radioactive fall-out
d) industrial waste

Q8 The most carcinogenic chemical known, 3-nitrobenzanthrone, is found in the exhaust emissions of which vehicles?

a) cars
b) buses
c) milk floats
d) mopeds

Q9 How does private and public transport compare on primary energy consumption and space usage?
a)                      Public Transport       Modern car
Prime Energy Usage           1.6                   1
Public Space Usage           3                     1

b)                      Public Transport       Modern car
Prime Energy Usage           1                     1.6
Public Space Usage           1                     3

Q10 CFC, known to be bad for the urban environment, stands for

a) chlorofluorocarbon
b) car free cities (EU network)
c) cookin' Ford Cortina
d) carbonise friends-of-the-earth campaign

Q11 Which of the following will NOT make any difference to the Kyoto Accord limits for emissions?

a) using gallium nitride (semiconductor) illumination for traffic lights
b) switching to energy efficient light bulbs in our homes
c) insulating the worst-insulated homes and buildings
d) taxing motorists and truckers

Q12 According to official statistics (TRL 323), excessive speed is responsible for what percentage of road traffic accidents?

a) 66%
b) 33%
c) 10%
d) 4%

Q13 Which March 1999 publication featured the following on page 18?
"Speed cameras at the moment have their limitations but when these can be overcome they will be a sure winner for raising revenue."

a) 'On The Road', published by the Association of British Drivers
b) 'Off The Road', published by the Department of Transport
c) 'Metline', published by the Metropolitan Police Federation
d) 'Two Yellow Lines' published by the Traffic Warden Fan Club

Q14 What percentage of adult pedestrian fatalities at night are drunk?

a) 0.7%
b) 7%
c) 17%
d) 77%

Q15 According to Transport Research Laboratory report 323, which road user group is responsible for 84% of accidents which cause serious injury or death to a pedestrian?

a) car drivers
b) cyclists
c) pedestrians
d) lorry drivers

Q16 According to Transport Research Laboratory report 352, what percentage change in accidents in Kent as a whole would result from a 10% diversion of traffic off the county's motorways due to introduction of motorway tolls?

a) 10% decrease in accidents overall
b) 4% decrease in accidents overall
c) no change
d) 4% increase in accidents overall

Q17 A district Coroner in Suffolk has gone on record at inquest supporting the view that unrealistically slow speed limits contributed to deaths on Suffolk roads. True or false?

a) true
b) false

Q18 If a legal blood alcohol limit of zero was introduced, which of the following could make you a criminal?

a) driving after taking Holy Communion at church on Sunday
b) driving after using a mouthwash
c) driving after taking medicine available from a pharmacy
d) driving after eating chicken in white sauce

Q19 The stopping distances in the newly revised Highway Code most closely represent the braking performance of which car?

a) 993 Porsche 911 RS
b) Morris Minor
c) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI
d) Subaru Impreza 22B

Q20 Which of the following causes more deaths per year than road traffic accidents?

a) accidents in the home
b) homicides and suicides
c) cold-related deaths in the elderly
d) smoking related diseases

Q21 When you spend £10 on unleaded petrol, how much goes straight to the government in taxes and duty?

a) £2.50
b) £4.50
c) £6.50
d) £8.50

Q22 Using your answer to Q21 (or otherwise) what is the overall rate of tax on unleaded petrol?

a) over 5%
b) over 50%
c) over 500%
d) over 5000%

Q23 Buildings emit twice as much carbon dioxide as all transport sources. The taxation rate on fuel used to heat buildings is

a) 5%
b) 50%
c) 500%
d) 5000%

Q24 What proportion of total government spending comes from transport taxes?

a) £1 in every £8000
b) £1 in every £800
c) £1 in every £80
d) £1 in every £8

Q25 Following the latest rise in vehicle excise duty for lorries and the increase in diesel fuel duty, how many transport jobs are predicted to be lost by 2002?

a) 50
b) 500
c) 5,000
d) 50,000

Q26 In an average town, how much money is raised by fines from 'speeding' drivers each year?

a) £500
b) £5,000
c) £50,000
d) £500,000

Q27 Match the following crimes with the correct penalty, and so decide which sentence was handed out to the speeding motorist in iv).
  i) theft from a shop             a) large fine and driving ban
 ii) criminal damage               b) bound over for 12 months
iii) assaulting a police officer   c) caution from senior officer
 iv) speeding on a motorway        d) community service order

Q28 Which operation is about to hit drivers in Lancashire?

a) appendectomy (removal of appendix)
b) Victoria (removal of money from speeding drivers)
c) bilateral orchidectomy (look it up, but basically same as b)

Q29 Which organisation has been working hard on behalf of the motorist recently?

a) Friends of the Earth
b) Greenpeace
c) Department of Transport
d) Assocation of British Drivers

Q30 How do I contact the Association of British Drivers?

a) telephone 07000-781544
b) write to PO Box 11125, Witham, Essex, CM8 9BG
c) e-mail
d) using information from http://www.abd.org.uk


1a 2d 3d 4d 5d 6d 7b 8b 9a 10b 11d 12c 13c 14d 15c 16d 17a 18all 19b 20all 21d 22c 23a 24d 25d 26d 27a 28b 29d 30all


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