Speed Offences Hit Record High

Figures published by the Department for Transport (DfT) show that recorded speed limit offences hit a record high in 2016. With 2.1 million offences, they have increased steadily from a level of 1.1 million in 2010. They are now higher than the previous record level set in 2005. This is despite the fact that over 1 million drivers are now taking speed awareness courses every year to avoid prosecution. This surely demonstrates that such “education” courses are having no effect whatsoever on drivers’ behaviour.

The increase in the number of recorded offences is not down to increased speeding but simply because the police now see it as a great source of income and hence are using police “waivers” and speed awareness courses to generate money.

As the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) have repeatedly claimed, such operations by the police have nothing to do with improving road safety but are simply about generating cash. To remind readers, only 5% of personal injury accidents reported by the police have a factor of exceeding the speed limit as a contributory cause. There are other factors that are much more important which automated enforcement can do little about.

More information is present here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cars/article-5114945/Speeding-offences-hit-new-high-2016.html . And of course on the AMPOW campaign web site here: www.speed-awareness.org

Roger Lawson

One thought on “Speed Offences Hit Record High”

    Regarding the latest road transport policy suggestions from the “Four Parliamentary Horses’ Backsides of the Apocalypse” (see https://www.localgov.co.uk/Car-industry-should-pay-more-to-tackle-air-pollution-MPs-say/44934); their recommendations can only be described as platinum-plated tosh of the first order.

    Road transport is generally a minor contributor to the air quality problem (‘linked to’ being ‘newspeak’ for ‘has very little influence on’). But what about diesel-(electric) rail transport & (in central London) Thames shipping, all manufacturing industry, and all users and vendors of domestic and industrial heating systems – which aggregated represent the overwhelming proportion of the problem emissions?

    Will they also be forced to cough up (pun intended) and pay more? And will the plants and vegetation that emits VOCs that also adversely impact air quality in Summer be fined also – or uprooted?

    Complete, unsupportable and unutterable nonsense; the lot of it.

    What’s worse, the policies these puffed-up Parliamentary clowns have actively espoused over the last 25 years (the “CO2-reducing” push for diesel and the congestion-inducing, massively emissions-hiking road transport hindering policies) are entirely responsible for the mess in which we currently find ourselves.

    You can always guarantee our half-wit politicians will rush to legislate into place (invariably counterproductive and inappropriate) knee-jerk legislation; when a more considered, technologically sound solution is what’s actually required.

    Lord save us from the well-meaning, but invariably inept, actions of the politicians!!

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