The ABD campaigns for: 

More Investment in Roads!

Lower Road Taxes and less Financial Burden!

No Road Pricing or Tolls!

Less Traffic Congestion!

Evidence-based Road Safety!

Improved Parking!

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For drivers who can think for themselves

The Alliance of British Drivers is a voluntary organisation promoting the interests and concerns of Britain’s drivers. With cars, vans and taxis accounting for 80% of the mileage of all trips in the UK, and over 65% of goods being carried by road, the road network and the people who use it are of vital importance to the nation’s economy.
Drivers should expect the road network to be improved and maintained to a standard that is fit for purpose. They should be able to use the roads in a safe and responsible manner without being subject to unreasonable charges, restrictions or penalties. In particular, the ABD campaigns for:

  • Greater investment in improving the road network, and better parking provision.
  • A lower financial burden, with reduced taxes on owning and running cars.
  • Removal of road tolls, congestion charges, and all road pricing proposals.
  • The reversal of policies that create delays and congestion.
  • More balanced road safety policies, tackling the real causes of accidents.

Topical Issues and current campaigns:

AMPOW Campaign Against Police Waivers and Speed Awareness Courses: http://www.speed-awareness.org

Campaign Against the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy: http://www.freedomfordrivers.org/against-mts.htm


The Alliance of British Drivers has been effective in improving the lot of motorists and in defeating negative proposals that would have impacted road users for over twenty years. See the box on the right for some of them. But we do need your support to continue our activities in the support of motorists.

Success stories:

  • Defeating the Manchester Congestion Charge.
  • Removing the Congestion Zone Western Extension in London.
  • Defeating the proposals for a Greenwich congestion charge.
  • Ensuring wide opposition to road pricing in general. 
  • Many local campaigns on speed humps, parking issues and speed limits.

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