Police in Scotland Abandon Plans for Speed Awareness Courses

According to a report in the Herald newspaper, police in Scotland have shelved plans to introduce speed awareness courses in the country like they operate in England.

The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has of course campaigned against the misuse of police waivers and the perversion of justice involved in the police extracting cash by inducing the payment of a bribe to waive prosecution. See our AMPOW campaign here: https://www.speed-awareness.org/ . Only recently a Government commissioned study showed there was no benefit whatsoever in terms of casualty reduction from sending millions of people on speed awareness courses every year.

The Scottish Police Authority have suggested that they have “deprioritised” the introduction of such courses on financial grounds as they would require substantial investment in new IT facilities. But could it be that they have realised how legally dubious the operation of the system in England really is? The ABD has made representations on this subject to the senior legal authorities in Scotland who would have to give permission for the operation of such a scheme. Perhaps this is a case where the police in Scotland have simply been persuaded that it is a step too far?

All we need now is for the UK Government in Westminster to recognise the same reality.

See the Herald story here for more information: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/16600735.police-put-brakes-on-plans-to-drop-fines-for-speed-awareness-courses/?action=success#comments-feedback-anchor

Roger Lawson

2 thoughts on “Police in Scotland Abandon Plans for Speed Awareness Courses”

  1. I Happen to think that exceeding an inappropriate number on a pole should not be an endorsement offence , speed awareness course should be compulsory instead, to learn to recolonise politically motivated inappropriate unreasonable numbers on a pole referred to as speed limits.

    The laws we live by should nor hinder any reasonable person from going about their business, if it does it is defined as entrapment. Entrapment by the law is a legal definition.

  2. It gets even more interesting when there’s a local newspaper report where the police were freely admitting that the number on the pole had nothing to do with safety and everything to do with what someone senior within the local policing group thinks people should be driving at along that stretch of road – and then a few years later they put average speed cameras on that stretch of road because people were exceeding that arbitrary limit by about 5mph

    This is classic revenue-gathering.

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