Road Investment and Road User Taxation – The Truth

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The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has long been concerned that the national media does little to adequately inform the public regarding the stark disparity between central government income from road user taxation from all sources; and the corresponding expenditure on national roads. Is it really surprising that our strategic road network can’t cope when over the long term only some 15% of government road user tax income finds it ways back into expenditure on strategic roads?

UK road users are amongst the most highly-taxed in the world. Yet the UK is one of the lowest investors (in terms of percentage of its GDP) in its road infrastructure; whether from a European or worldwide perspective. Worse, the UK generally comes close to the bottom of the league in terms of all the road capacity and length relative to land area metrics one cares to measure. For decades we have been building a steadily and significantly increasing length of non-trunk (housing and industrial estate) roads; while completely neglecting to meaningfully invest in our strategic road network.

In consequence, our motorway and A-road network is becoming increasingly sclerotic; while our non-trunk network feeds ever-rising traffic levels onto it.

Is it really surprising that congestion is such a persistent and pernicious problem for the UK strategic road network?

The ABD has produced the following report that spells out the numbers: Road Investment and Road User Taxation: TheTruth


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